What happened to January?

February 1, 2010 at 11:23 am 5 comments

As a general rule, I don’t make resolutions for the new year.  I always forget to keep them so eventually stopped trying.   This year was different though.  I had guilt.

Over the past year and a half I have accumulated a slowly growing stack of unread manga.  Some of it I bought as part of bulk sales at conventions, some I was saving to read in a batch and others have just slipped through the cracks.  So the resolution?  I can’t buy any more manga or graphic novels until I read the backlog.  I’ve tried this before with little success, but this is not only a resolution, but I’ve told enough of my friends that I’ll feel incredibly lame if I don’t follow through.

I'm thinking the top shelf is going to be the reward for reading the bottom one.

It shouldn’t have been a problem.  There aren’t that many, really, and if I read one a day I should have been done in no time!  Unless (of course) I shift into novel mode and stop reading manga all together.  I’m not even reading *new* books.  I’ve been rereading things.  Sigh.

Up until a week and a half ago I managed to read:

-the last 2/3rds of the first One Piece omnibus.  I really like One Piece, but wasn’t buying it for some reason.  I figured with the 3-in-1 books coming out it would be a great place to start collecting.  I still enjoyed reading them, but man, those collections take forever to get through!  I started it while on vacation at Christmas (which included many failed atte

Happy Cafe 1 during my lunch at the bookstore.  I had a lot of fun reading this one, but sadly it is published by Tokyopop.  I’ll probably buy it once all the volumes are out if I like the rest of the series as much.

-half of All My Darling Daughters.  I figured if anything was going to get me through my manga stack it would be the knowledge that this was coming out in mid-January.  Nope.  I read most of it at the bookstore – again, during lunch which isn’t long enough to read a manga like this.  You need time to savour it!  I’ve decided to wait until I can read it properly.

So now it’s February 1st, I’m officially missing another batch of Shojo Beat releases (Baby and Me! Kimi Ni Todoke! Beast Master!) and I’ve only read about 8 volumes.  I’m not even going to mention what I did to myself by maxing out my hold list at the library.  I’ve got some vacation days coming up for which the plan is: no plans!  I think the new plan is to lug some manga to a coffee shop and get reading before I’m whining about not being able to buy March’s new manga!

Mental note: no more New Year’s resolutions!


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  • 1. pajcat  |  February 2, 2010 at 1:32 am

    Gah! WordPress is broken so I am unable to edit this post! So yes, I know a chunk disappeared, I just can’t fix it! Will try again later.

  • 2. badzphoto  |  February 2, 2010 at 12:04 pm

    from amazon forum, seems that Gatcha gacha will be out nov 2010 (here) scroll down to middle area Marco Pavia posted.
    I *semi* went back on my plan regarding of waiting a year to get Kimi ni Todoke andI got 2 first volumes because they were on sale. And it’s become one of my favorite. It’s a great series. I’ve read “All My Darling Daughters” but Solanin is still on my tbr pile :(
    If you ever go to novel mode, I’d recommend “Old Filth” by Jane Gardam, and its prequel “The man in the wooden Hat” – They are really interesting. I really like them.
    I’m sure if you set aside a couple of weekend, you’ll finish them. My problem regading tbd pile is since I know they’re there I can always get to them later, you know. Meanwhile, other books from library are due so I have to read them first. The cure for me is to stop finding new interesting books/manga and read interesting ones that I have and then get new ones. However, that rarely works. Only once, though. Procrastinating.
    I finally read Swan and really like it. It reminds me of “Glass Mask” which is 44 vol and counting. Good thing I have only 15 volumes to catch up, and then one volume per year based on cmx release schedule.

    • 3. pajcat  |  February 2, 2010 at 12:54 pm

      Oooh. I’m torn between “November is too long” and “at least they’re finally publishing it!” I should probably get around to looking into Nosatsu Junkie too. That’s one that I started to buy because I loved it then TP stopped publishing it. Sigh. Yes, the Tpop ban continues…

      About half of my to read pile is from buy 10 for $20 sales. I don’t always read all of it because I bought it on a whim, or someone once told me they liked it, but then I have things to read that I know that *I* like. I’ve been trying to be more responsible though, since so many of the new “good” titles are the more expensive ones. Plus, I just gave 2 bags of manga I didn’t want to the library since the value of used manga has dropped enough that trying to sell it isn’t worth the aggravation. I have buyers guilt over that, too. :)

      Is it Swan you have 15 volumes of? I guess you don’t have to rush through it, since you have to wait so long between volumes! I didn’t put Naruto in my to read pile, even though I have 6 or 7 of those. I figured I’d start to read one a month since they slowed down production after the big blitz. Which is what’s going to happen to One Piece eventually, which means I’m going to try to do that one at a rate of one a month, too. (But how would that work with the 3-in-1s? heh.)

      I’ll keep those two books in mind. I read the description for the first one – it sounds rather grim! I’ll note the titles for when I get back into reading something other than fantasy. Though I just started watching Criminal Minds and I rather like it, despite my best intentions. The first two I saw were kind of lame, but it was good to listen to while I worked on my new blanket and I got sucked in. I’m not even crocheting while I watch anymore. heh.

      • 4. badzphoto  |  February 2, 2010 at 1:23 pm

        “’m torn between “November is too long” and “at least they’re finally publishing it!””
        Me, too. I’m more on the latter – it’s better late than never :)
        TP has a really cute series called Karakuri Odette that I really like.

        “I have buyers guilt over that, too.”
        Yeah, I tried to be more selective, but sometimes can’t resist the sale and the wanting of trying out a new series.

        “Is it Swan you have 15 volumes of?”
        not yet, but very soon, I tried the first 2 and liked them, so I’ll get the rest. The art is a bit dated but the panels are really interesting. Another series is “Tower of the future” which I have a complete set but haven’t started. I’m behind on Nana, too, read the first 2 collected up to 17 (which are now collecting dust since the series is on hiatus in Japan!)
        The sheer volumes of One Piece scare me. It’s a good thing I started Skip Beat! early :)
        I can’t wait for Chi’s sweet home (out in june!)

        “I read the description for the first one – it sounds rather grim!”
        True, the part about Raj orphans… I wasn’t sure if you like fiction in general or any particular genre. For fantasy, I’ve read “Demon’s lexicon” which I thought pretty good and interesting. It’s the first of a trilogy.

        “I’m not even crocheting while I watch anymore. heh.”
        Must be good, then.

  • 5. Annie :)  |  December 3, 2011 at 9:30 pm

    Are you willing to sell any of those mangas?!?!? I LOVE mangas, i got into them recently and I already have a whole shelf full of them that I’ve recently read through at LEAST twice.
    I can take those mangas off of your hands if you really don’t want them!


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