I cleared the pictures off of my camera, so you get this post

November 4, 2009 at 12:03 am 9 comments

My couch got taken away today for repair which left me with an unheard of amount of empty space in my living room.  I decided to take advantage by getting a picture of the block of manga shelves I have running along the back of the room.  Normally my couch hides much of the view or I can’t get far enough away to get a good shot.  I have a total of 6 shelves there, but the ones on either end are dvds/graphic novels and the other holds most of my fantasy fiction.  I am always amused by first time visitors to my apartment who stare at the shelving amazed at how many there are.  Because really… if I could I’d add more!
So yeah.  I decided to do a picture post.  I’m a geek.
Manga shelves

My main set of shelves are in my living room - these are generally things I am currently collecting and favorites that have finished. Most shelves have two rows of books, but I've tried to stagger them so things in the back peek out. This also makes it easier to find things!

closet manga

Before my last move I plastic wrapped about 500 or so volumes to free up much needed shelf space. Those boxes now live in my living room closet along with my 3 last boxes of comics. Some day I will actually label them just in case I ever want to find anything again.

shelf 1

One of my yaoi/shonen-ai shelves. Along with a stack of unsorted manga, that Clover omnibus that I have yet to get around to reading and a Totoro musical figurine I bought in a craft village in Japan. (When the clerk heard I was bringing it back to Canada she said, "Ooooh! Totoro is going very far away!" Then she did the shushing gesture and slipped a free magnet in my bag. I liked that clerk.)

shelf 2

Yaoi shelf #2. Carefully edited out is my collection of Fruits Basket stuffed animals that live on top of the shelf along with Mr. Saotome, P-Chan and a few Chococats. That middle shelf holds books I'm planning on covering someday with a second layer. They aren't things I reread much and so are hideable.

When I first put everything away in the new place I went with themes for each shelf.  #1 was shojo, #2 for shonen, then a weird sort of logic for the other 2.  Sadly, the first consideration for the yaoi books are size.  :)  It makes it easy if you’re browsing for roughly the same kind of manga, but I have literally lost things since then.  If a title is tucked behind the front row I’ve had a really hard time finding it.  I’m thinking of switching to alphabetical order.

I do feel the need to point out that Shojo Beat has THE most boring spines ever.  I’ve stood in front of my shojo shelf and tried to find titles that have blended in with the other red, basic print spines.  I make an effort to alternate the occasional CMX or Del Rey series just to break the monotony!  If you look at the top picture, the first shelf on the left is the most boring visually.  It’s mostly Shojo Beat books.  I can identify virtually everything on my shelves from that picture based on the spines *except* that one.  I think Viz is trying to be less yawn-inducing (based on Magic Touch and Otomen, anyway) but it’s already too late for my shelves….

I’m also going to say that while I felt pretty geeky taking pictures of my shelves, when I was looking at the top one and wondering if I should crop the sides I found a graphic novel that had gone missing.  I’ve been trying to lend the first Mouse Guard book to a friend and couldn’t find it anywhere.  I finally decided that I must have lent it to someone and forgotten about it (which happens, and then you can only hope the person who has it brings it back!) and gave up looking.  Nope!  For some reason I stuck it on the shelf next to my Kelley Armstrong books instead of where I normally keep it.  Sigh.


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Kimi ni tokoke anime? Cleaning out my camera part 2 – the crafty post

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  • 1. badzphoto  |  November 4, 2009 at 1:26 am

    I must say I’m jealous of your bookshelves ^^
    It’s unfortunate regarding Viz manga spines. Apparently Viz kids manga get better spine treatment (one example is Clover).
    Btw, would you recommend Hot Gimmick? I’ve read 1-6 and pretty much gave up on the series since the characters annoy me. Is it getting better or just the same? I’ve read your entry regarding HG 11 that makes me curious.

  • 2. pajcat  |  November 4, 2009 at 1:45 am

    Oooh… Hot Gimmick. It’s generally reviled on the internet, isn’t it? I have one friend who liked the series but loathed the last two volumes.

    Personally, I loved it. For me it was all about the drama, and I didn’t get particularly hung up on any of the morality in the book, and I actually liked Ryoki. A lot of people say that there was zero character development in the series, but i disagree with that, too. :) (These characters were only 16, after all, and I thought they were well on their way to being better people by the end of the series!)

    So… I think if you don’t like the characters in it you probably shouldn’t continue. If you treat it like a soap, go ahead. :) I have three or four other friends who liked it to the end because of (yes) the DRAMA! heh.

    My shelves… crappy cheap Ikea shelves that I say I will replace someday but probably won’t. :) I’m not sure why Viz chose to be so generic with their Shojo Beat titles. None of their other books got the same treatment!

    • 3. badzphoto  |  November 4, 2009 at 2:14 am

      Soap Opera, huh? In that case it can wait – there are so many others …
      What did you like about Ryoki? I have an impression that he had feelings for the maid, though. As strange as it sounds, I like Subaru and am rooting for Shinogu. I do think that Akane has a better luck than Hatsumi.

      “My shelves…”
      I meant your manga collection not the shelves themselves :)

      • 4. pajcat  |  November 4, 2009 at 8:47 am

        Oooh! Yes, that would make more sense. Forgive me. It was late and I’ve been bored of looking at the books today. :)

        Ryoki was an arrogant ass, and was self centered, but as the series went on you could tell that most of his flaws were because of how he was raised. It’s hardly his fault if he acts in certain ways that were either ignored or condoned by his parents! But as his relationship with Hatsumi progresses you can see that he’s learning more about how he SHOULD be treating people – and he does his best in his own way. And SHE’S spineless, yes, but she also stands up to him as well. She was also encouraged – by her brother if no one else – to let people take care of her and Ryoki lets her get away from that a bit. Lets face it – she’s a shojo heroine and most of them are wimps too. Just maybe not to the degree that Hatsumi is. :)

        I dunno – under the assy exterior I saw a good heart that someone needed to help him polish I guess!

        The only thing I really didn’t like about the ending was Shinogu’s part. :)

  • 5. lys  |  November 4, 2009 at 12:49 pm

    Very cool collection! I’m more jealous that you have room for that many bookshelves, since most of my collection ends up in boxes. I need to get a house soon!

    It is annoying about the Shojo Beat spines, isn’t it? When CMX first started, they were kinda similar too, but they changed that pretty fast. My theory is that Viz was going with the style used in Japan—a lot of the Japanese editions of manga I’ve seen do the same thing with the “imprint-label on top, red block-lettered title, volume number and author name on bottom” format… maybe it works slightly better because the kana/kanji tend to form shapes rather than hard-to-distinguish lines of text like our alphabet… but it’s still pretty boring. I’m glad Viz is moving away from that with recent titles too. (Kimi ni Todoke also uses a different font!) Just because Japan does it a certain way doesn’t always mean it’s the best way.

    • 6. pajcat  |  November 4, 2009 at 1:00 pm

      Thanks! I have to say though… it’s kind of sad to have to turn down a really cute, nice apartment because there isn’t enough wall space for your shelves! I had to buy an ebook reader last year to help with my novels – I ended up getting rid of about 100 or so books just because I had no room left!

      I think my vague irritation with the Viz spines stems partially from the fact that all of their other lines (Shonen Jump, Advanced) have such distinct art. So not only do the ladies have to pay more for our books, but they are boring too?? heh.

  • 7. Roxanne  |  November 20, 2009 at 3:50 am

    <3 the manga!!!
    Looks pretty all lined up in a row!
    I don't have a lot of room, or alot of shelves, so they are stacked, instead of shelved properly…

    • 8. pajcat  |  November 20, 2009 at 9:50 am

      It definitely looks better now that I don’t have everything crammed in! Boxing up some during my last move really helped.

      And as long as everything is findable, then they’re shelved properly! :)

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