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A random blog post just to say I’m still here.  Working more because ’tis the season, starting a massive cookie bake just because I can this year and sadly far too busy to read much manga right now.  I’d say the best of what I’ve read lately is Venus in Love #5.  Everyone is so damn happy in this series.  Or blushing ’cause they’re in love, then laughing about it.  One of those hard to describe books since it’s just a group of friends in college doing their thing and falling in love.  And laughing a lot, which I keep mentioning because that’s normally the kind of thing that would drive me nuts (I’m cynical and sarcastic, yo) but Venus in Love makes me happy.  Go figure.

Now I’m off to throw some chocolate pinwheel cookies in the oven before hitting the hay.  I had a long day at the bookstore and I need the rest.  My customers have been great (seriously – I hear retail horror stories at this time of year and my worst customers are just slightly pissy.  Believe me when I say I appreciate it!) but my frustration level was rising as the day went on as I repeated the same things over and over.  “Oh, it just came in let me check the back” was first.  Then “I’m sorry, I couldn’t find it.”  Arg arg.  I hate not helping people, and damnit I couldn’t find a thing all day.  By the end of my shift I was just kind of laughing and sagging against the counter when I found out that I had to go look through those damn boxes again

Cookies are more fun.


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