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October 22, 2008 at 1:57 am 18 comments

Several things:

It’s almost three in the morning and I am somehow refusing to go to bed.  I need my head examined because this is not a week I can be losing sleep in.  Now I’m blogging instead of taking out the damn garbage and turning in.

I’m picking up the keys to my new apartment tomorrow night!  Yay!  So I can go in early and do things like measure windows and scrub cupboards before the big move in day.  Which is Tuesday.  Arg.  Intellectually I know that I am more than on track with the packing, but my panic mode cannot see past the mess in the living room.  My panic mode needs to get a grip.

I’ve now wrapped about 450 volumes of manga.  I took a big chunk off of each bookshelf to put in storage, so I think when it’s time to unpack I should have plenty of room for expansion.  Because that’s what I need.  More manga.  BTW, through trial and error (the error being me not paying attention when I buy the bags so I bought four different kinds) I have discovered the following things: 1) regular sized comic bags aren’t bad unless you’re anal about little corners and things sticking up when you wrap the plastic around the books.  I used a lot of tape trying to pin things down.  2) regular sized comic bags plus sticky strip to seal them closed have the same wrapping issues, but have the added comfort of being slightly more waterproof.  Slightly.  3)  magazine sized bags with the sticky strip are better for me because it’s easier to wrap the plastic around the book and I used a lot less tape.  It’s harder to press the air out with it sealed, though.  4)  magazine sized bags with NO strip are my favorite.  Wrapping is easy, the air can escape making the book lie flatter but I’m still confident that water and/or other damaging agents will have a hard time getting in.  Just in case you ever feel like doing this to your own collection.  :)

I watched the first two episodes of Skip Beat today and had a blast.  It follows the manga plot exactly (down to the freakin’ clothes) but there was something new about seeing everything in full motion and colour.  Kyoko’s tantrums and evil spirits are a lot funnier when you can see them zipping around.  Also, Sho is a huge tool.  He seemed a lot nastier to me here, which I will credit the voice actor for.  Same deal with the actress doing Kyoko.  She had such a light, sweet voice at first and makes an excellent transition into Psycho Kyoko.  Speaking of which, some of the best moments so far have been of Kyoko stalking Sawada to get him to let her into the agency.  It was so over the top and crazy.

I should say I’m off to bed now but it’s possible I’d be lying.  I’m sure the tiles in the bathroom need polishing, or something.


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The packing. It progresses. Why is that there?? What is it??

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  • 1. badzphoto  |  October 22, 2008 at 2:54 pm

    thanks for the tip. I use mag boxes to store manga – so it’s easy for me to remember if I ever need the bags :)

    Good luck with the move next week. Hope things go smoothly.

    I’ve only watched the first episode and enjoyed it. I can imagine Kyoto stalking Sawada :) – another fun episode would be the one she works as Bo :D

  • 2. pajcat  |  October 22, 2008 at 5:02 pm

    Yeah, I’m only recently getting out of the “if I own it it must be on the shelf” phase. :)

    I also watched the first two episodes of Haruhi Suzumiya last night. That is one weird show. But funny. Very very funny. And by sheer coincidence I saw the first volume of the manga in the store today so I had to pick it up. I hope it’s good!

  • 3. badzphoto  |  October 22, 2008 at 6:50 pm

    well, I don’t have any shelf room – so either piles or boxes :)
    I notice I have an avatar!

    I’ve read somewhere that Haruhi can be hit or miss – so I’m on the wait and see mode.

    I’ve been meaning to ask you about Nana – from your library list, you don’t seem to like Paradise kiss, but prefer Nana … is it in the list with fb, skip beat and such? thanks.

  • 4. pajcat  |  October 23, 2008 at 6:34 am

    That’s very efficient! I’m always trying to figure out the best way to put things away.

    I like your avatar! Did you register somewhere? Usually it’s a pattern generated by your email address or something.

    I think it’s not that I didn’t like Paradise Kiss, but I have a friend who’s really into that manga-ka so I borrowed them when they came out rather than buying them. We used to do a lot more trading back then so I bought a bit less. I do like Nana more – the characters are more appealing to me – but Paradise Kiss is a decent read. It’s just filled with some rather odd people and really strange fashion. :)

  • 5. badzphoto  |  October 23, 2008 at 11:48 am

    “That’s very efficient!”
    Yes, space-wise; however, not every good for rereading since one has to move boxes around to get to things one wants :)

    “Usually it’s a pattern generated by your email address or something.”
    I see. I’m not registered anywhere, though I do have an lj account.

    Re Paradise kiss.You sum it up very well. Anyway, I’ve watched the anime and I like the ending – so I’m curious about the manga. I’m not sure I want to get into Nana.

  • 6. cathy  |  October 23, 2008 at 2:00 pm

    ” Re Paradise kiss.You sum it up very well. Anyway, I’ve watched the anime and I like the ending – so I’m curious about the manga.”

    I haven’t seen the anime yet, so I’m not sure how it compares to the plot in the manga. I should watch it! (Let me know which one you end up liking better!) I really like Nana, but I think as a longer running series it can be a big commitment.

    Okay – the manga in boxes thing… Advice, please? Right now they’re just in boxes according to whatever bookshelf I was emptying at the time. How do you arrange them? Alphabetical order? By favorites? By subject? I’m going to be putting labels on the boxes eventually, but I don’t want to end up with a filing system that’s too bothersome to manage. Like, I probably wouldn’t go with alphabetical order because then I’d always be shifting books in boxes which would be a pain. I learned that the hard way with my comics and the years of not filing properly ’cause I couldn’t be bothered. I can be highly organized, but I’m also deplorably lazy when I’m not at work. It can be a bad combination… :)

  • 7. badzphoto  |  October 23, 2008 at 4:42 pm

    Keep in mind that I only started collecting manga since last year – so this is still in a experimental stage … I still haven’t label the boxes – (I have a sticky note so I know the content of the box).
    – 2 categories: finished series vs on going ones.
    finished series: I have only 3 priorities:
    1) author (it’s easy for clamp and yuu watase; as in all series of the same author go in one box – I don’t bother alphabetize in a box, either.)
    2) favorites/rereadability (series that are likely to be reread go to the same box, for example: fb and hana-kimi fit nicely in one box :) – series that are likely to be purged …) – it’s kind of similar to your front shelf system – in fact, that was how it started.
    3) Since I recently got into Shonen (FMA and Rurouni) – they are in the same box – so it’s also by subject as a subcategory.
    on going series : most of these are in temporary boxes to be shuffled around as the new volumes are acquired – I don’t organize these since they aren’t in their final box yet :) but I still try to keep series together instead ofrandomly put books in random unfinished boxes, that would cause book 1-3 in one box and 4-9 in another.
    So, I try to have completed series in one box – and not letting it split in 2 boxes.
    “Like, I probably wouldn’t go with alphabetical order because then I’d always be shifting books in boxes which would be a pain.”
    Yeah, I can imagine.
    In my mind, there are only 2 categories – if I’ve ever gone that route, shojo and shonen. I think the more granular the system, the more shuffling it requires. Admittedly, favorites can change over time, in that case the box just go to the bottom of the box pile :)

    I’m not sure if that makes sense. Hope it answer your questions. I’m not the most organized person. In fact, my work desk is a mess but I can find things easier that way – so …

    I think starting from now, I only collect series that are 2 books away from ending :P

    btw, it’s really hard to find Paradise kiss #2. I wonder when tp is publishing gatcha gacha 8?

  • 8. pajcat  |  October 23, 2008 at 10:03 pm

    See, the good thing about personal systems are that they only have to work for you. I work in a library during the day so we’re always trying to figure out ways that *everyone* can find stuff. There is no one way. :)

    I think the way in which my system will differ is that I’m only putting away finished series, and ones I don’t think I’m likely to want to reread much. Like, I decided to keep Beauty is the Beast on my shelves ’cause it still tempts me. :) And I don’t think I’d ever put away Hana Kimi or FB. sigh. I love manga…. Thanks for explaining your system, though. It gave me food for thought.

    I have given up on figuring out anything tp is going to do. I should probably apologize to the masses for breaking my boycott and buying Nosastu Junkie because I loved it, since shortly after I bought a stack of the tp started messing with the release dates… Suppli I knew was already on the block when I bought it (on sale for 20% off the u.s. cover price!) so I’m not taking the blame for that one. :)

  • 9. badzphoto  |  October 23, 2008 at 11:43 pm

    “I work in a library during the day so we’re always trying to figure out ways that *everyone* can find stuff. There is no one way. :)”
    That’s true. But doesn’t library have a system – dewey already? and alphabetize since in theory the shelf is unlimited …

    I’m tempted by “Nosastu Junkie” but I’m afraid it may be canceled so I’ll wait until it’s completely released by tp. I don’t plan to start any new series by tp, except the 2 series by Natsuki Takaya (because of the popular of fb – maybe they’re less likely to be canceled – 30% from rightstuf.)

    Is “Beauty is the Beast” good? I just reread Skip Beat! again when #14 came out :)

  • 10. pajcat  |  October 23, 2008 at 11:58 pm

    I really liked Beauty is the Beast. It’s one of those quirky, not really a romance, slice of life type series. Everyone is slightly odd but just sort of goes through every day dorm life… Hard to describe, but it caught me pretty well, I think! And it’s a short commitment at only 5 volumes. :)

    You would be surprised at how confusing people can find libraries. Our journals are in alphabetical order and I’ve had to help doctors and med students find things on the shelves. No lie. And we’re what’s called a “special” library and we use the Library of Congress method of classification for our textbooks that’s further modified by the National Library of Medicine… that’s further modified by the fact that we’re a pediatric library so we have to make sure that all the books aren’t filed under “pediatrics.” That would be one huge section! LC is used by universities, so if you see call numbers that begin with two letters instead of a string of numbers you know that it’s LC.

    Gosh. Library lecture over! But we’re always changing things on our webpage, etc, because people don’t get the language, or can’t find things. It can get frustrating sometimes!

    I’ve just hooked one of my coworkers at the bookstore on Skip Beat and Ouran. Heh. I’m contagious…

  • 11. badzphoto  |  October 24, 2008 at 12:48 am

    ah, I was fortunate to have worked at a community college library when I was studying there so I was taught to shelf books – I can see how people would confused since they don’t know the system.

    “Gosh. Library lecture over!”
    That’s very interesting to me – yes, I’m geeky. I can talk books forever – hee.

    I’m sold with “Beauty is the beast”. Viz has been the majority of manga I’m getting nowadays. You’re a bad influence :P

  • 12. pajcat  |  October 24, 2008 at 1:13 am

    Oh neat! Were you ever asked for the “red book?” We used to get that at my university library. This one person – every week, mind you – would come in and ask for the “purple soc book on reserve” and every week we would stare at her and say, “do you happen to know the title of the purple book?” Sheesh.

    I like Viz. They make good books. I’m always surprised to hear about people who hate Viz, or boycott them like I do tp because I’ve only ever had a couple of problems with their books.

    Though I have to say they seem to go out of their way to make the spines on the shojo books as boring as possible. The shonen get different fonts, shojo is all the same…

  • 13. badzphoto  |  October 24, 2008 at 1:41 am

    “Were you ever asked for the “red book?””
    It was a long time ago, I can’t remember. But I’d be the one who’d ask for a book by describing it. You know it’s much much easier for me to locate a book if I have seen it because I’m bad at remembering names/titles. Just recently, I went to the comic bookstore and asked “do you have a comic book with bluish purple cover and its title contains the word *wanderer*” – he gave me a blank look and asked if I knew the exact title. I found it a couple weeks later in the same bookstore. I’d be one of those people :) Sorry.
    I do wish that viz would keep the honorific like Del Rey, since Mr Ren or Ms Mogami seems so … I don’t know, Ren san and Mogami san sounds better. In any case, publisher that doesn’t cancel series midway is a decent/tolerable one in my book :) I think viz does censor a bit, like in skip beat, when Kyoko showed Ren a fist, it was something else in the Japanese version.

  • 14. pajcat  |  October 24, 2008 at 8:51 am

    Really? Hmm. That’s the sort of thing that bugs me. I feel that publishers have very little faith in the understanding and intelligence of the american people. (I know no one cares about us canadians.) It’s like the have to cater to the lowest common denominator or something…

    I’m rereading Maison Ikkoku right now (the new unflipped version) and they screwed up on the names. (They use Yusaku and Kyoko instead of Godai-kun and Manager-san) It’s really distracting to know that how names are used in Japan is so important for figuring out relationships and Viz will just chuck that out the window. They did it in Prince of Tennis, too, which is one of the reasons I stopped buying it.

    The people in our bookstore could have found that for you. Heck, I’VE found books for people with that kind of description and I don’t even work in fiction!

    I feel confident, though, in thinking that after you learned the name of the textbook you wouldn’t keep asking for the purple book every single week. :)

  • 15. badzphoto  |  November 14, 2008 at 3:52 pm

    reporting back after finishing 5 volumes of Beauty is the Beast (what an unfortunate title!) – it’s kind of slice-of-life story – not too much angst, and a page turner for sure. I feel the ending is a bit abrupt – kind of llike Doubt!! But it is definitely a good series. My heart goes out to Simone, though. He was trying to hard. It was a up hill battle from the start. I seem to have problem to only root for an underdog! Another thing is in vol 2 or 3 – when Wanichi was the dorm head – he said he had a grudge against the old dorm head – I felt that was a mistranslation in context shouldn’t it be the ex dorm head had grudges against him?
    A keeper :) Thanks for recommending it.
    Have a nice weekend.

  • 16. cathy  |  November 14, 2008 at 4:08 pm

    I’m so glad you liked it! The ending thing… that’s why I call it a non-romance. You can see their connection growing (it was so compelling to me – just when you think there’s a romance starting one or the other will say something and you realize that no one has a clue!), but as soon as they realize they need each other the story ends and hey! Here’s their daughter…

    Poor Simone made me cringe, I felt so bad for him. Tho when the author did the future bits for each character, his made me laugh. I didn’t notice that about the mistranslation, though…

  • 17. badzphoto  |  November 14, 2008 at 4:47 pm

    yeah, it’s kind of like “Honey and clover” but not really – so refreshing to read something like this. I do like Eimi, however, I’m not sure about Wanichi. Maybe with subsequent reread, he’ll grow on me. I’m glad the mangaka did the future for the characters – Misao’s is kind of funny, too.Nuinui is in a league of his own :D The characters here are so memorable, you know.
    Now I have to search for other series by her – “Kiss” for example that she mentioned in her column.

    “I didn’t notice that about the mistranslation, though…”
    I don’t know maybe I misread that sentence.

    About Simone, in one of the columns, the author said he was introduced because Wanichi didn’t do anything – so he’s just a plot device to nudge Wanichi along?

  • 18. badzphoto  |  November 19, 2008 at 8:00 pm

    Re: “Paradise Kiss”
    I’ve finally finished 5 volumes and I like the manga better since there are more in the manga than the anime, even though the essence of the series is the same. There are things in the manga that aren’t in the anime: like the fabric shopping trip that led to beading butterflies on the fabric – so explaining why the dress is made that way, the reason why Miwako chose Arashi instead of Hiro, who Hikaru ends up with – little things like that makes the manga richer.
    I’ve also read the first few volumes of NANA, I’m planning to get the series when FB is ended. From the premise, I thought I’d hate Nana K., but she’s not annoying as I thought. It’s kind of like the premise of Skip Beat! turned me off, but once I read it, it’s not what I had expected, you know.


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