Well at least the snow was gone…

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Yes, I made it back to Canada. I’ve just been busy readjusting my first week back. My flight was relatively uneventful – I watched No Country for Old Men  (what was up with that ending?) and P.S. I Love You. I started to watch Atonement  but didn’t have enough time to finish. Since I was kind of bored during the hour I did get to watch I wasn’t overly depressed about that. Most eventful moment of the flight was when a flight attendent dumped a glass of water all over my feet and legs. My “apology” was “Well, at least it was only water, ha ha!” and that wasn’t even from the person who did it. Considering Air Canada staff has actually spilled hot coffee all over my mother on one flight and didn’t bother apologizing, I guess expecting one from a mere drenching was probably unrealistic.

I have been catching up with work both at the library (new fiscal year! shiny new spreadsheets!) and at the bookstore (someone might actually care about security and I’m going to concentrate on organization for a while) as well as running to get my comics and manga. The comic store where I buy my manga has a new staff member which is always vaguely annoying. I have to put up with them being overly helpful and trying to explain the specials and new releases to me until one of the managers sees them doing it and tells them I’m a regular.

Saturday night and Sunday afternoon was spent putting together my new gashapon figures from Japan (some of which lean rather alarmingly, and one character’s left arm and head keep falling off) which was kind of fun. One of my Roy Mustang figures is missing a hand, but it’s not like I can go back to Osaka to make an exchange. Fortunately he’s holding an arc of fire which covers the missing hand quite nicely. I’m never going to see it once it gets on the shelf anyway. Right now they’re all in one big crowd on the coffee table so I have to get in gear and start the migration to where they’ll actually be displayed.

I’ve been handing out the odd chocolately souvenir here and there but have yet to inflict a soy sauce flavoured Kit Kat on anyone. I’m waiting for the right crowd, I guess. :) I’ve tried the strawberry Kit Kat (good, but nothing special), the melon (tastes just like cantalope!), the pudding (caramel-like) and the “Tokyo Exclusive” patisserie flavour that had me puzzled until I ate one. It kind of tastes like a Big Turk chocolate bar, though I can’t quite place the red filling inside. Still, it deserves the lofty name. I have yet to eat one of the Sakura ones, for some reason. I think because I don’t have many and I’m saving it for a special occasion.


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So sad to be leaving And now we must part…

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