Migration complete!

October 5, 2007 at 2:31 pm Leave a comment

The move is done.  I’m vaguely battered, sore and very very tired, but it’s done.   And I am so so happy that I hired movers.  The thought of moving all of those boxes by myself was just too daunting.  As it was, I brought almost everything upstairs to put by the doors so that it wouldn’t take as long to move the trucks.  They commended me on my organization when they saw that I piled it all by how breakable it was.  :)

So now I’m in the new place, which is currently without the internet.  I’m still working on how/if I want a landline and what sort of connection I’m getting, but I don’t want to wait too long.  I’m far too used to being able to compulsively check my email at three in the morning….

Now I am off to finish cleaning the old house before I head home to start putting my new furniture together.  I bless Ikea for the cheap bookshelves, but wish they already came put together.  I’m going to have to prioritize according to how much I need each piece.  I had to break my vow to not do anything last night (Supernatural premiered!  Far more important than unpacking!)  to sort out my huge stack of boxes after realizing I had no idea where my toothbrush is, so everything is in new piles – comics, books, manga, kitchen, random crap I didn’t have time to sort…  Now I don’t have to unpack since I can find everything so easily…  :)


Entry filed under: rambling.

Surrounded by boxes, ready to surrender I think I need more shelves…

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