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July 8, 2007 at 10:10 pm 1 comment

It seems like all I’ve been doing lately (when I haven’t been reading new stuff) is watching movies.  I haven’t done that in a while, which is why it seems so unusual.   Let’s see… in the past three weeks (I think three) I’ve seen:

Ghost Rider – not as bad as I thought it was going to be.  In fact, I’d say it was good cheesey fun with only one line bad enough to make me cringe in disgust.  Spider-Man 3 should be ashamed of the fact that I like this more.  Bad Spidey!  They did a good job with the flaming skull, but I wish someone had given the poor leading lady some buttons for her shirts. 

Fantastic Four: Rise of the Silver Surfer – better than the first one, but I was distracted by Jessica Alba’s crappy make up job.  Someone should be fired for that.  The Surfer looked pretty cool, the plot was fairly simple and I was happy that they didn’t try to spend a lot of time on the characterization.  Some movies put too much of that in, and fail miserably.  *cough*spider-man*cough*  However, I would like to ask someone at Marvel why they think putting embarrassing dance sequences in their movies is a good idea.  Fire that person too.  (There was no dancing in Ghost Rider, thank God.)

Sicko – yes, it’s overdramatic and one-sided, but even if only one story in this movie is true, that’s appalling.  It makes me happy to live in a country where I don’t have to pick which fingers I’d like sewn back on should I ever lose any.  Though a 45 minute wait at an ER in Canada is mostly fiction.  I don’t know anyone that’s happened to, but if you’re going in for the sniffles, you know you’ve got to wait for the bleeding people to go first….  (I think we should all move to France, actually.)

Crank – Jason Statham in a movie where he has to keep pumping adrenaline or he’ll die.  How did this turn out to be so boring?  It should have been extra cheesey fun, but instead the best thing I can say about this movie is that I knitted a whole dish cloth while watching it.  I also wandered away when he started to rape his girlfriend in the middle of the street while everyone stood around and watched, but when I came back she was still around so I guess she was okay with it.  Poor Amy Smart.  She’s usually better than that.

The Holiday – two weeks after watching I can’t really remember much about this one.  Impressions left are that this would have been better as a book, and Jack Black isn’t a great romantic lead.  He’s too evil looking.

Paprika – got to see this in a theatre last night.  When my friend and I left, we just kept asking each other, “So what did you think?” like we weren’t quite sure.  It was a visually stunning movie, though.  I think the problem is that the plot involves a machine that lets people enter others dreams which eventually starts intruding on reality.  I wasn’t exactly sure when the intrusion began, and what was real and what wasn’t.  (I never really expect to fully “get” an anime movie, though, so that was okay.)  As the movie went on I started to be reminded of Millennium Actress (it was the way the reporters in that movie would enter and become part of flashbacks and stories) and when there was a blatant plug for Tokyo Godfathers I was sure it was from the same person.  :)  It was also nice to see it was subbed.

Curse of the Golden Flower – starring Chow Yun Fat, Gong Li and a cast of a billion extras, all marching in time.  A very beautiful movie about an Emperor, his Empress and their screwed up family.  There wasn’t a lot of action in the movie – it was all plotting and backstabbing and watching the poor Empress as she tried to survive the Emperor.  Gong Li was absolutely stunning in this movie.

Transformers – twice!  The second time was helpful with keeping track of who was who in the giant battle at the end.  I had fun watching this and I thought the robots looked great.  I watched the show growing up, but was more attached to Beast Wars than the original, so I had no problems with any of the designs, etc.  (Aside from wishing everyone could have been a little more distinct while in robot form.)  I also read the prequel novel a couple of months back, so I found myself filling in some of the background they didn’t touch on in the movie.  Eh.  I thought it was a good action flick.

Linda Linda Linda – I watched this one tonight.  It’s a Japanese movie about a group of high school girls who are performing in a rock band at their festival.  One of the original members breaks a finger and can’t play while another quits after fighting with one of the other girls.  The three remaining recruit the Korean exchange student to do vocals and dig up an old (I think) song called “Linda Linda” to play in the show.  So they have three days to learn the song, deal with crushes, find rehersal space, etc etc.  It was a quieter movie than I thought it would be – it was funny, but not the comedy I was expecting.  Great movie, though I now have the title song stuck in my head.  (which is:  Linda Lindaaaa!  Linda Linda Lindaaaa!)

Tomorrow night I’m going to see Die Hard 4.  If the weather is anything like today, I’m going to be happy to be sitting in a cold theatre… 


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  • 1. Ama  |  July 10, 2007 at 3:44 pm

    Ah, it’s just too damn hot in Toronto, y’know? I went down to some beach in the middle of nowhere today, and the cold was refreshing, though I’m exhausted, so I plan to spend some time relaxing.

    I apologize for not commenting recently, some of your entries have just been pictures, and I wasn’t sure what to write.

    As for your movie list, I really liked Spiderman-3, despite the headache I had afterward. Though we managed to get tickets to a later show, the theatre was packed when we came in, since we hadn’t wanted to stick around for an hour at the theatre. We were stuck close to the front row craning our heads up.

    Ghost Rider was great, I saw that in theatres. I’ve avoided Fantastic Four, the first one was terrible and I’m not paying any money to see the second.

    However, I did like The Holiday, I saw that in theatres back around Christmas. Then again, I find Cameron Diaz enjoyable, and I did like Jack Black’s role.

    The other movies you mentioned sound good, and I’ve heard nothing but praise for Transformers, despite the fact that the movie is about… Transformers. :P

    Paprika looks really good, I’d definitely love to see it!


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