A work in progress

June 12, 2007 at 10:26 pm Leave a comment

I had a semi-successful night tonight in my mosaic class.

I started with this:


It’s harder to tell the shade of pink of the flowers here, but I wanted a pale colour to contrast with the bright colours I picked for everything else. I’m not sure what my logic on that was, but I think I just wanted it to be bright without being garish.  (And isn’t my pencil art underneath just so grade three??)

Tonight I ended with this:


I didn’t finish! Now I have to sign up for another class because the glue has to dry at least 24 hours before you can put the grout on. arg! And since it’ll probably only take me half an hour to finish my background, that means I’ll have two hours to kill and will probably start a new project. This is going to get expensive!!

There was less flinging of glass this week and I got to use the expensive clippers.  They have wheels on the ends instead of just chisled flat edges so it makes cleaner breaks in the tiles.  My source of angst was the glue instead.  I was trying to place all of the little blue pieces and towards the end my fingers had glue on them and the pieces kept sticking to me.  And I have no fingernails right now so I couldn’t hold them without getting messy.  I think there are a couple of pieces I’m going to pull off and move, but I was trying to glue as much of the background as possible before the end of class so I ended up making a couple of bad placement choices.  It’s kind of like assembling a puzzle with wrong shaped pieces that you’re supposed to put together in a made up picture, if that makes sense. 

Still having fun, though.  :)


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