June 3, 2007 at 10:51 pm 2 comments

More pictures today!  I’m (slowly) organizing and weeding the books and manga I have in my room, which has left time for little else.  It was all getting to be a little too disorganized and I was having problems finding things.  (I did a count from my manga list and I’m now at over 1150 volumes.  That’s too many to not be in order.  That’s too many, period.)

So, I wrote before about getting to fly on the Pokemon plane when we were leaving Tokyo.  Here’s my proof!

First we took the Pokemon monorail….


Then we rode on the Pokemon plane…


And when we got home I bought some Pokemon ramen.


Er.  I had to continue the theme there…  Seriously though.  Evidently Pikachu has lost none of his steam in Japan.  It was everywhere.  By the end of my trip I was definitely ready for something else!

I had a little boy in buying Pokemon stuff on my first shift back at the bookstore and I got to tell him about riding on the Poke plane.  His eyes got about three sizes bigger and he said, “YOU GOT TO RIDE ON A POKEMON PLANE???”  If you ever want to become an instant hero to a nine year old, that’s the way to do it.  After that he had to pull out his trading cards and we had a very deep discussion about who our favorite characters were.  Moments like that make me remember that the book discount isn’t the only reason I like working there.  :)

And since I had a request, here are my Ichigo Mashimaro figures, which didn’t need much assembly after all.  The only ones in pieces were Ana and Miu (because it’s very important to have complete realism with Ana’s panties, apparently) and the rest just needed to be propped on their pillows.  I chose this set because the only other one available was the girls after a bath.  You can see in the back that I got the Miu one, but only because she’s just being Miu, as usual.  It’s kind of creepy to get figures of young girls in towels.  Viva la cultural differences, I guess.


I had fun putting them together, but most will be going into a box until I have room to display them.   One thing I regret not buying while I was there was a Maison Ikkoku set.  The Manager figure was $13.00 and I kind of stalled at the price.  The rest of the characters were all around $4-$5, which was much better.  Now I’m kind of cursing myself for being a cheapskate… 


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  • 1. Gromitgirl  |  June 4, 2007 at 12:02 am

    I will be back in Tokyo in July, along with Bucky. Can make another trip and get you that model set no prob…of course I have no idea what they look like, hence going with Bucky!

  • 2. pajcat  |  June 4, 2007 at 1:10 am

    Ha! I would never force you two to go anime shopping for me. I’m not quite that cruel. Of course, if you happen to just come across it… :P


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