Aw, such nice people

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Two more days!

Today my lovely library co-workers threw me a bon voyage party in the back room.  There was fake champagne and a present.  Very lovely.  :)

Surprisingly enough, I’ve had a lot more prep work for this trip than I thought there would be.  I forgot I needed a Spring wardrobe before I left so I’ve been shopping shopping shopping.  Bleh.

I haven’t posted a manga list in a while, so here’s what I added to my manga library list today.  I was doing a pre-trip clean and trying to get all the manga piles into one neat stack.  It took hours but the manga piles are now off the floor.  :)

Lots of new stuff, but my favorites have to be the Fruits Basket I got from Australia… 18-20.  Ha!  Volume 16 is the latest out here, and there are interesting parallels between 16 and 20 (which came in the mail just the other day).  Volume 16 is all about how Tohru’s parents met and fell in love (very bittersweet as I couldn’t quite forget how tragically it ends for them both) and volume 20 is about Akito’s parents.  It really showed a new perspective on how Akito got so messed up.  Tsk tsk.

I also updated the public library’s new April manga.

The list, boring but about all I have time for:

Aishiteruze Baby, volume 7
Baby & Me, volume 4
Black Sun Silver Moon, volume 1
Bleach, volume 18
Boy Princess, volume 5-6
Challengers, volume 3
Crimson Hero, volume 5
Cromartie High School, volume 10
Day I Became a Butterfly
Densha Otoko, volume 3 (last volume)
Eyeshield 21, volume 13
Flower of Life, volume 2
Fake Fur by Satomi Yamagata
Fruits Basket, volume 16, 18-20
Fullmetal Alchemist, volume 13
Ghost Hunt, volume 7
Hana Kimi, volume 17
Her Majesty’s Dog, volume 3
Innocent Bird, volume 1
Kino No Tabi: Book One of the Beautiful World by Keiichi Sigsawa (novel)
Kizuna, volume 7
Kurosagi Corpse Delivery Service, volume 3
La Corda d’Oro, volume 3
La Esperanca, volume 6
Let Dai, volume 5-6
Love Roma, volumes 2-5
Loveholic, volume 1
Millennium Snow, volume 1
Oh My Goddess, volume 26
Our Kingdom, volume 5
Oyayubihime Infinty, volume 4
Punch, volume 3
Recipe for Gertrude, volume 4  (last volume)
Redrum 327, volume 3 (last volume)
Rin! volume 3 (complete)
Rozen Maiden, volume 4
Saiyuki Reload, volume 7
School Rumble, volume 5
Skip Beat! volume 6
The Sky Over My Spectacles
Strawberry Marshmallow, volume 3
Twelve Kingdoms: Sea of Shadows by Fuyumi Ono (novel)
Ultra Cute, volume 6
Vampire Knight, volume 2
Wagamama Kitchen
Wallflower, volume 11
Whistle, volume 16
Yakitate!! Japan, volume 5


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