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Tonight I blew off working on the dvd’s at the bookstore for an hour or so to write up a Go! Comi/NETCOMICS manga list instead.  That kind of put me in the mood to look up manga, so I did an update for my Not Yet Published page.  I checked this time since I had also been wanting to add titles to my Wish List there, in a (hopefully not vain) effort to improve the Your Recommendations page.  The one at lists tons of manga and anime, but the Canadian site kind of got stuck on about ten titles and never really adds muchelse.  Lets see what it does with the dozens of manga I added to my Wish List tonight.  :)

Things that popped up in my searching that I took special note of:

  • Ouran volume 9 is coming out in July!  There’s also a title called Millennium Snow by the same author in April.
  • Heaven!! doesn’t seem to be a Tokyopop exclusive anymore.  I wish they’d make up their minds!  I was vaguely considering lifting my boycott for Wild Adapter (by the author of Saiyuki!) because I’m weak, but I think I’m still going to just read Heaven!! at the bookstore instead of buying it right away.
  • There’s a five page preview of the Buffy comic up at the Dark Horse website.  I don’t know about the army vibe, but it’s only five pages… I’ll reserve judgement.  :) 
  • Lagoon Engine is finally putting out some new volumes this year!  I’d almost given up on this one.
  • Fans of Fumi Yoshinaga (Antique Bakery) are going to have a really really good year.
  • Expect the next two volumes of Fruits Basket in April and August.  I’m annoyed that Tokyopop is still keeping to this incredibly drawn out schedule when I can walk to Chinatown and buy up to volume 21 any time I’d like.  Maybe I should mail them some copies?  (sorry, sorry.  kind of snarky there…)

On a completely unrelated note, I read Air Gear #2 today at the store.  Oh, Del Rey.  Maybe if you would have kept the cover like this instead of colouring in the North American version people would be emotionally prepared for all the naked butt shots in the interior.  They didn’t even make note of the change in the translation notes.  Don’t you think art changes should rate a mention if they’re doing it for the sake of American audiences? 

And that’s all the energy I have left for tonight.


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