Snowball fight!

December 14, 2006 at 11:58 am 5 comments

Ha, check out this Christmas wallpaper from DC Comics.  Like Batman totally wouldn’t have dodged that….

And on a completely random note, some of the graphic novels I’d borrowed from the library were the first three Kingdom Hearts books.  They’re not bad and I found them interesting in two ways.  One, I think they’re the first all ages rated books that I’ve read that I really considered to be for all ages.  (It must be all those Disney characters.)  Two, reading the story really was like literally following a video game.  I’ve read manga based on games before, but this actually gave me the impression that I was reading along with the game.  Of course, it does have dialogue like “The creatures were without hearts… so I called them the Heartless.”  Paraphrased there a bit, but heh.

The annoying part is that I borrowed the gn’s so I could check out the story for free and I ended up getting interested in playing the game.  But!  I searched and couldn’t find it used or for rent anywhere so I ended up buying it tonight.  Damn!  I’ve heard it’s good and it may just be easy enough that *I* can play it (it’s shameful how badly I sucked at the new Justice League game) and can pass it on to my nephew when I’m done with it.

Is that really Cloud from Final Fantasy though?  I thought I recognized him in the manga, but he was so clueless (and nameless) that I wasn’t 100% positive.


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  • 1. XenMaster  |  December 15, 2006 at 12:11 pm

    Of course he would’ve dodged that. He just wasn’t in the mood to play…

  • 2. pajcat  |  December 15, 2006 at 2:05 pm

    Ha, well I guess I was surprised his bat-reflexes didn’t kick in for the automatic dodge. After all, he loses far more dignity getting dinged in the head by one of WW’s ricochets. :)

  • 3. Ama  |  December 15, 2006 at 11:11 pm

    I thought the main character was Sora, and Cloud appeared in either the first or second game. It sounds like Kingdom Hearts manga is worth reading. I have a few books out of the library, including a few manga (Trainman, Dramacon, Kingdom Hearts) but I’ve been busy with school. Stupid end of year project and homework! But now that my project is just about complete, and our holiday party is over (which meant no classes today), I’m not too worried… at least until they assign holiday work. T_T

    I think the most books I’ve had out since I hit 50 a few years ago… is 30 something. I take out more CDs though, and I also put holds on my mother’s card, so I really can’t say.

  • 4. melrose plant  |  December 16, 2006 at 10:58 pm

    Batman!! YAY

    I just watched my superman returns dvd

    remember how cute he was !! :)

  • 5. pajcat  |  December 16, 2006 at 11:15 pm

    We watched that movie too much at the bookstore… :( And hey! You got a comment on my Christmas tree entry! If you haven’t already seen it, that is…


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