They’re just coming out at random now….

August 30, 2006 at 6:54 pm 2 comments

It was quite an odd week at the comic store for manga again.  I’m not sure what’s up with Viz this month, but it looks like they’re channelling Tokyopop when it comes to random release dates. 

This is what I bought this week:

Hands Off! 7 (next volume ends the series, sniff!)
Innocent W 1
Hot Gimmick 12 (!!! Last volume !!!)
Bus Gamer (a standalone from the author of Saiyuki)
Fullmetal Alchemist 9
Gerard & Jaques 1
– I decided to make this one a seperate post.

Bleach 15 – This was slated for an OCTOBER release!  Buso Renkin also came out this week – that’s two volumes in the same month.  wtf?  My first manga purchase of the day, and one I bought when I was picking up my comics at lunch.  (I have a comic store and a manga store)  What I’m finding interesting about the current Soul Society story is not (yet) another “Ichigo trains to get stronger” storyline, but the secondary characters.  There was a lot of backstory and a pretty good fight for Uryu (the Quincy) in this volume and a shocking development in the murder mystery as well.  The volume also had a short story at the end with some of the Soul Society members when they first joined the academy.  It was a good story, but I confess to being confused about who a couple of the characters were.  Guess I have to go back and reread a few volumes.  :)

Tuesday’s purchases were:

ES: Eternal Sabbath 2
School Rumble 3

And last week’s Friday stragglers:

Let Dai 3
Boy Princess 3
Kare First Love 9
Dazzle 3
Menkui! 2
W Juliet 12

Is that enough?  Am I done now??  All kidding aside though, this is what my “not yet published” dates for September look like now:

Anne Freaks Volume 3 by Yua Kotegawa – Sep 25, 2006 released
Beauty Pop volume 1 – September 5, 2006 released
Death Note  volume 7 – September 5, 2006 released
Fullmetal Alchemist volume 9 – September 19, 2006 released
Hands Off! volume 7 – September 12, 2006 released
Hot Gimmick volume 12 – September 19, 2006 released
Kare First Love volume 9 – September 12, 2006 released
Naruto, Volume 11 by Masashi Kishimoto – September 5, 2006 released
Ouran High School Host Club volume 7 – September 5, 2006 released
Read or Die, Volume 4 by Shutaro Yamada – September 19, 2006 released
Shaman King, Volume 10 by Hiroyuki Takei – September 5, 2006 released
Skip Beat!, Vol. 2 – September 5, 2006 released
Prince of Tennis volume 15 – September 5, 2006 released
W-Juliet volume 12 – September 12, 2006 released
Whistle! volume 13 – September 5, 2006 released
Yakitate!! Japan volume 1 – September 12, 2006 

Afterschool Nightmare Volume 1 by Setona Mizushiro – September 25, 2006
La Esperanca, Volume 4 by Chigusa Kawai – September 6, 2006
Little Butterfly Volume 2 – September 6, 2006
Ghost Hunt  volume 5 – September 26, 2006
The Wallflower volume 9 – September 26, 2006 

(I passed on getting Naruto last week because I still haven’t read the last two volumes, a fact which shames me considering the trouble my poor little nephew has while trying to find new volumes…)


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still not blogging…. Why Tokyopop sucks

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  • 1. SAM-urai  |  September 2, 2006 at 10:46 pm

    Hey hey!

    Finally got my butt to your blog and read some stuff. TP sucks now. I hate their new site and people have gone rampant all over it. TT___TT. Why do they make such weird decisions?!?!?

    At any rate, if you ever have time, can you please recommend titles not in the TPL system to me? You are way more up-to-date than I am. I’ve been sending lists (not that my voice will be heard) but it’s worth a shot. They ordered some K-dramas I had recommended!

  • 2. pajcat  |  September 2, 2006 at 11:22 pm

    Do you mean for you to read or for you to recommend to the library? Hmm. (the list of what I’ve found at tpl is here if you haven’t seen it yet)

    Well, for one thing it would be nice if they could wrap their head around the fact that people of all ages read manga. They seem to be pretty teen focused. grr.

    Um… They need more xxxHOLIC, Genshiken would be cool, Ghost Hunt is a pretty good supernatural type title… Tramps Like Us and Saiyuki would be good titles for older readers….

    Ha! You know I’m just recommending some of my favorites here. :) And nothing *I* could borrow. sniff!

    Land of the Blindfolded! Ouran and Eyeshield 21…

    I’m stopping now.


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