still not blogging….

August 30, 2006 at 7:18 am Leave a comment

… because I’m still not sleeping!  arg!  Actually, last night was an improvement as I fell asleep at 9:00 pm and woke up at 4:30 am, as opposed to my usual sleep at 9:00, wake up at 1:30, sleep again at 4:30 or 5:00, wake up at 8:30 to be late for work…

Bah, enough whining!  For today is Wednesday, the greatest day of the week!  (Only trumped by Friday, if it’s a payday.)  Due to last week’s flood of Viz manga, it looks like most of the titles I had planned to buy in September have already been released.  I’ll be interested to see what manga makes it’s way into the stores this week.  The two I’m most looking forward to are Hands Off! and the last Hot Gimmick.  Yes, it’ll finally be all over, sniff!  I must say that I liked the first half of HG more than the last part, but it gets total props and extra points for single handedly getting at least 4 people I know (and keep in mind that I don’t know that many people) into reading manga.  There you go.  Instantly addictive and good for luring people in.  :)

Tonight is also the season premiere of Bones, which according to Entertainment Weekly will have a vampire theme.  heh.  Poor David Boreanaz.  He just can’t escape the vampire thing…  Gah!  There were no vampires.  I’m so disappointed.  Entertainment Weekly – you failed me!  Still a very entertaining episode, though.

My new Sex BoB-omb t-shirt arrived from Oni last night.  It’s pretty, but be warned if you plan on buying one – they’re made small.  So a large isn’t quite a large.  Mine was really tight but loosened up after a few hours, but still nothing I’m willing to wear in public, at least not without something to wear over it.  Still, I now have a t-shirt for my favorite fictional band.  (That’s from Scott Pilgrim, for those of you who aren’t cool enough to know all by your lonesome.)  When I ordered it, the men’s t-shirts were AWOL, but they seem to be back now.  I might have gone for one of those, just because I prefer to wear my shirts loose. 

And speaking of weird purchases of stuff I probably didn’t need, last nights jaunt into Chinatown revealed that Ouran merchandise has finally made it’s way to Toronto!  Or, I’ve finally noticed it.  :)  I saw a Tamaki charm/strap thingie (it attaches to a cell phone or cd player, but has a handle), a tin box featuring all of the characters and some sort of compact that I declined to look at more carefully (it was behind glass).  Did I buy any of it?  NO!  My inner fangirl clashed with my inner cheapskate and I decided not to spend $30 on something I didn’t really need.  (They were $30 each, btw.)  Especially when Amy just brought me a bunch of peachy keen Ouran stuff from Japan.  She was so nice to me!

Oops!  Gotta go get ready for work, or I’ll be late again.  And there’s no real excuse for that considering I’ve been awake for four hours…


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Curse you Viz! They’re just coming out at random now….

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