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August 2, 2006 at 10:55 pm 3 comments

Today it was 54 books.  Viz and Tokyopop are killing me here, really.  Fortunately the foolsnice people at the bank gave me a credit card which, in the short time I’ve had it, has completely altered my manga buying patterns.  As in: I don’t just buy what I can afford until payday – I get all my manga at once instead of spreading it out through the month.  That said, some of what came in was from Del Rey, which I already owned (like Tsubasa, Genshiken and Air Gear).  I left a few behind (hey – I have some willpower left!) and tried to pick up #1’s when I had a choice – I’ll remember to go back for #2’s later in the month, but I don’t always keep track of new titles that interested me.

I’ve also been slacking off on listing my new stuff the past few weeks.  I wanted to avoid just posting a list and trying to write more about each book, but then I’d get busy and end up not doing anything at all.  I’ve spent more time reading and had less time for writing.  Anyone notice my “books read” blurb on the sidebar hasn’t changed in about three or four weeks?  Believe me, I’ve read a lot of books since then, I just keep forgetting to update it.  heh.  And so the system begins to break down…

So this weeks grand experiment will be an initial list of my new purchases, with me hopefully adding little updates when I read a manga I feel like writing about.  My new stuff:

Fruits Basket 14– Inevitably when I talk about FB with people at the bookstore the conversation will get around to the favorite character thing.  A surprising number of people say Haru, which i always found vaguely puzzling.  Not that I didn’t like him, it’s just I couldn’t see why he’d rise above some of the more fully developed characters.  This is the first volume where I thought, “Oh, yeah.  That’s why.”  The more Rin’s character is explored the more we learn about Haru, as well.  Also, Yuki comes to a stunning realization in this volume that will alter the Kyo/Tohru/Yuki love triangle!  (This really ticked off a friend of mine when she heard about it, I’m okay with it though.)  Arg.  That’s all I want to say without spoiling anything.  Next volume is December 12.

Priceless 2 – I can’t remember if I own the first volume of this, but I really liked it when I read it.  Volume 2 was just as entertaining and one of the things I like the most is some of the characters just weren’t what I was expecting.  The rich, good looking class president is actually widely disliked and a ditz who writes bad poetry.  The happy-go-lucky, pretty boy step-father seems to have hidden rage issues.  The brainy best friend is pretty violent…  eh.  It’s a fun read.  I’m interested to see how far Jimmy’s manipulation of his future “son-in-law” Dan Won will go before Lang-bee finds out about it.  And how does Jimmy really feel about his daughter?

(Should I have added more detail here about what the story is about?  Hmm.  Lang-bee is a high school student obsessed with money.  Her mother pulled a diet pill scam that defrauded most of the neighbourhood and now she does odd jobs for other students to earn the money to pay everyone back.  Ironically she’s oblivious to the crush the richest student in school has on her (Dan Won), but it’s also understandable since *he’s* an incredibly confused guy.  To make her life more complicated, one day a gorgeous teenage boy named Jimmy shows up claiming to be Lang-bee’s new step-father and moves in with her.  The same author wrote Kill Me, Kiss Me.)

Peach Girl: Sae’s Story 1– arg!  I can’t decide how much I like this.  Thankfully Sae isn’t the “good girl” I was half expecting her to be.  In fact, she seems to be up to some of her old tricks.  Sae is stuck repeating her senior year while Momo and Kiley start college, but she’s in complete denial and spends most of her time crashing the campus.  Things get complicated when a childhood friend/love shows up and starts revealing too much of Sae’s past for her comfort.  This is definitely Sae’s story, and Momo and Kiley seem to be there mostly for commentary and as supporting characters.  I think one of the problems I may have with it is the retconning of Sae so she has a really sympathetic backstory.  They even recapped some of the Peach Girlstory from Sae’s point of view and she seems a little more innocent (well, more or less) than I think she should be.  Another annoyance (and this may just be my copy) is that a lot of the ink is transferring from opposite pages so there are dirty shadows everywhere.  Grr.

Beauty is the Beast 4– The next volume is the last.  Already?  I’m really having fun reading this series.  The only thing I’m not quite fond of is the amount of time Eimi spends in her, uh… puffy? form.  The relationships between the characters are great, whether it’s the hard to figure out relationship with Eimi and Wanibuchi, Simone’s crush on Eimi AND Watanuki, or even the friendships with the girls and guys at the dorm.  It’s also great to read in the author sidebars that some of the weird things that happen in the dorms are directly inspired by herlife in a dorm when she was a student.  Could you imagine a student dorm here that would hand out kerosene rations to students?  It’s a lawsuit waiting to happen. 

Kare Kano 20– Next volume is the last!  I was a little wary of the direction they were going with Miyazawa, but this volume put my fears to rest.  It was a little odd, but most of the character conflicts are wrapped up in this volume.  It looks like the last one will revisit some of the other supporting characters then flip forward to 16 years in the future.  (There’s no release date on the Tokyopop site right now.)

Absolute Boyfriend 2 (finally!)
Cromartie High School 7
go with grace (my comic store friend really wanted me to try this one.  she kept saying it was “touching”)
the voices of a distant star
Bleach 14

Eyeshield 21 #9(which we all agree is one of the funniest sports manga ever, even if we don’t get football)
Buso Renkin 1 (from the creator of Rurouni Kenshin, which I stopped reading because I thought I’d eventually watch the anime… and by odd coincidence the theme for Kenshin is playing right now….)
Crimson Hero 3

Huh.  13 isn’t bad I guess.  I have to go back for D Gray-Man2 and a few others in a couple of weeks.  Here’s hoping next week is pretty light!  Actually, on Monday I went in and bought the manga from last week, so I also have:

Polly and the Pirates 1
Sugar Sugar Rune 3

Q Ko-Chan: The Earth Invader Girl 1 (from the creator of FLCL and which makes about as much sense, from what I’ve read so far)
Neon Genesis Evanelion: Angelic Days 2

That’s it!  I think next week I’m going to need someone to remind me I’m planning on going to a convention in September….


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There’s nothing like a good list Bunnies!

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  • 1. melrose plant  |  August 3, 2006 at 10:37 am

    I love it when you talk manga!


  • 2. Ama  |  August 3, 2006 at 11:19 am

    I wish I had as much money as you do. ;_; I could finish collecting my series’.

  • 3. pajcat  |  August 3, 2006 at 12:09 pm

    The trick is… two jobs! :)

    Melrose! I *love* to talk about manga. And so nice of you to read all the way through when I know it’s not your thing… :)


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