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I watched episode 12 of xxxHolic this morning, and if you’re in the mood for a good ghost story this summer, this would be the episode to pick.  I tend to think of the winter as more of a time for scary stuff (I think it’s the way that it gets dark here by 5 pm) but I’m willing to go with the Japanese tradition on this one.

If you’ve read the manga, specifically the chapter where the main cast gathers to tell ghost stories, then you’d already be familiar with one version of the story told here.  Watanuki, Yuko, Domeki and Himawari-chan go to a cottage by the beach for a little summer getaway.  Interspersed with the gang arriving and settling in are interludes with a soft woman’s voice, and blue writing scratching across the screen as she talks about getting ready for that special someone to arrive.  That night, as Watanuki is in bed, he hears a scratching sound coming from the inside the wall…

That’s it!  Go watch the rest for yourself.  I hope you all get as creeped out as I did.  :)

And to make my day feel even summerier (is that a word?) when I took a wander through Chinatown today I picked up a little piece of green tea cheesecake from a bakery.  Yum!  It’s the first time I’ve had green tea anything that I really liked.  Yeah, I kept trying, though…

(Um, the cheesecake had summer fruit on the top, which is why I’m declaring it a summer-like treat.  I’m sure they have it all year round, though.)


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