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Here I am in Northern Ontario, on a mini-vacation so I can go to my nephew's elementary school graduation.  11 1/2 hours on the bus, but worth it to see the little guys.  (Although I'm going to miss seeing my 3 year old nephew this time, which is kind of sad.)  We just watched some of the Eyeshield 21 anime together, since one of my hobbies is getting him addicted to new anime series.  It's pretty good, though the anime seems more of a traditional sports show than the manga is.  The manga is a lot crazier, and a lot funnier.  Ah well.  Sometimes it's more fun to watch action as an anime than in a manga.  He's enjoying it, anyway.  I also brought him the first season of Ranma 1/2, which was the first anime we watched together way back when he was four.  Of course, there were only about two episodes that were non-violent enough for him to watch, so we tended to see the same ones a lot. 

Tomorrow I get to go back on the road to get to White River, which is about a four hour drive north of Sault Ste Marie and on the tip of Lake Superior, if you're familiar with the Great Lakes.  It's a tiny little 1000 person town but has killer mosquitoes, damnit!  I'm hoping to get away with no battle scars.  Wish me luck.

I've been trying all day to make it through a volume of manga, but it's a lot harder in the midst of so much confusion!  I'd decided to only bring library books on my trip, rather than my usual throw-away (literally) reading, but when I was at work on Saturday I saw so many new manga and books I ended up bringing an extra two bags.  And I got my yaoi books from the friend I lend them to so they're here with me too.  (Mental note: keep those ones away from the little ones!) 

I read Ghost Hunt 4 on the bus on the way here, and it was really good.  The first half was the team investigating yet another haunted high school, though the sheer number of ghosts and spirits made this story a little unusual.  There is a guest character (the student body president) who's quite amusing as well, and from the side notes it seems like there were a lot of requests for his appearance from fans of the original novel.  It ended on a cliffhanger halfway through the volume (!) which I was a little disappointed by, but the second standalone story was so good I didn't care by the end.  The Ghost Hunters visit a church where the orphans are being possessed by the spirit of a young boy who had disappeared 30 years before.  One of the group ends up getting possessed and the others must race to find her before it's too late.

Hey!  Peter just told me that he has Ghost Hunt at home, too!  Cool!  He's only read the first two, though.  Had I known I would have brought the third for him.  And I just remembered I threw Sgt Frog in my bag for him.  I should go pull that out.  (BTW, Sgt Frog is amusing, but not enough to buy, I think.  I'm going to try to borrow the rest, or read them at the store.)

We went to Cars earlier today and I thought it was pretty good.  I loved Jeremy Piven doing the voice as the agent in the film.  I think he's great in Entourage as the agent but it's not exactly a PG type role.  Though, at no point in Cars did he say "Hug it out, bitch!"  heh.  That would have been funny.

My other mini-break goal is to see Superman Returns, but the theatre here isn't doing a midnight show on Tuesday (it's at 10 instead) and I don't know if I'll be back in the Soo early enough to fit in a show before heading back to Toronto.  I guess I'll see how tired I'm willing to be at work on Thursday.  :)

I should get off the computer and stop being anti-social now.  I hear my brother's computer is broken so I'm going to be offline for a few days.  Weird.  I'm so used to being on the computer now… 

(We're watching Superman 2 on tv and someone just said, "Holy skunk sweat!"  Oi.  What a curse!)


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