Good news/Bad news

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The good news:

I found out there's going to be a season 2 of Venture Bros!  I had given up on a season 2 so I'm especially happy.  Usually the stuff I like gets cancelled after the first year.  *cough* Spy Groove *cough*  I had to troll a few stores the other week to find season 1 of Venture Bros on dvd, but it was so worth it!  Plus, I impressed many trendy music store employees with my edgy taste in cartoons.  Um, and that's the only edgy thing about me…

The bad news:

Tanya Huff was at the Bakka-Pheonix bookstore yesterday signing her new book Smoke and Ashes and I just found out tonight!  Gah!  I check their blog at least twice a week and they didn't mention it at all.  I had to work Saturday, but the thought of missing a signing by my favorite author (AGAIN!) surely would have sent me into such a decline that I would have been unable to work and forced to call in sick.  Then, after resting for a few hours, I may have built up enough strength to venture outdoors… perhaps to a bookstore… 

I'm doubly bitter 'cause I actually was feeling nasty on Saturday.  The new glasses have been giving me headaches so on Friday and Saturday I basically hid in Receiving at the bookstore and unpacked boxes of dvds and put them in alphabetical order.  Which is fun anyway in a library geek kind of way. 

I had this annoying customer on Saturday morning who felt the need to keep grabbing my wrist to drag me around looking for stuff.  He was really vague about what he was looking for and wasn't giving me a chance to ask questions about it.  After the second wrist grab he lost any chance of sympathy from me and I let him give up on finding his dvd.  And I could have figured it out if he had given me a whole minute.  The best customer?  I was standing by the anime section and I hear, "What. The heck. Is. THAT?!?"  I looked over and saw an incredibly pissed off six year old glaring at the Spider-Man dvds.  I don't know what his problem was, and I was too afraid to go over and check.  I think it may have been the multiple editions of the dvd.  He made me smile, though.  He was really cute in an enraged first grader kind of way.  :)

I actually had more good news than just the Venture Bros thing, but uh… I was so excited I completely forgot what it was?  I'll probably remember in a few hours, but right now it's totally gone.

Hey!  I remembered one of them!  Volume 4.1 of the Starburst Edition of Farscape is coming out on Tuesday!  Now I can start buying it again.  I have season 1 in the Starburst set, then couldn't wait for seasons 2 and 3 so bought the older, more expensive sets.  (Farscape has amazing season finale cliffhangers!)  Actually, for season 3 I traded in a whole bunch of manga at the comic store for it…  Anyway, I first got into Farscape when Space had a holiday marathon and aired the last half of season 4 before premiering the Peacekeeper Wars.  I was channel surfing and kept going back and staying longer and longer on the show.  I had no idea who anyone was or the background on the politics and backstabbing but it caught me anyway.  I'm completely in love with this show and it's willingness to totally screw over the characters, who seem more like real, flawed people than the sanitized, noble sci fi characters you usually find.  I'm also glad I didn't discover it until after the show got cancelled.  I wouldn't have been able to stand the tension.  :)

Television Without Pity is going to be recapping Farscape this summer as well.  Yay!


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