Free Scott Pilgrim!

May 18, 2006 at 11:52 pm Leave a comment

Newsarama has the issue of Scott Pilgrim that was part of Free Comic Book Day online.  Sweet!  I, of course, have my own very special paper copy, but you can read it here.  Note the movie theatre on page four (which is the one I see most of my movies at, btw).  You can juuuust make out part of the name of the bookstore underneath the giant rubic's cube looking thing.  THAT is the evil bookstore that I am boycotting due to their excessive manga stupidity.  They shall remain (mostly) nameless.  'Nuff said.

I will also take this opportunity to point out my lack of updates lately.  They've been sitting in my head, but haven't managed to get written.  This is because I have been feeling like crud for the past week and a half due to THREE seperate ailments which have left me irritable and unwilling to post while so grumpy.  Nobody wants me whiny and irriatable.  It's pretty annoying.  Before I started to get sick, then tired, then sick again I watched a whole day's worth of various anime episodes, and I will torture fascinate you all with a post about them soon.

I would also like to mention that I broke a special tradition last week… I downloaded the new Ouran episode on Thursday instead of Friday and went to see Mission: Impossible 3 instead.  It was a fairly decent movie, and I found the act of trying to accept Felicity as a Super!Spy short circuited my brain enough that I could temporarily forget about Tom Cruise being bit of a freak.  Still, I think Philip Seymour Hoffman made the movie.  He wasn't in it much, but he was evil enough when he was onscreen that you knew Tommy was completely screwed if he didn't hustle.


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