I get Veronica Mars AND Supernatural!

May 17, 2006 at 7:02 pm Leave a comment

I was so very very happy to find out that both Veronica Mars and Supernatural are surviving the merger of the WB and UPN.  Both will be returning next year!

Bwah ha ha ha ha!

Okay, Supernatural spoilers commence!  If you haven't seen the finale for season one yet, and don't want know… STOP READING!

I was actually a little disappointed with the finale at first.  Oh, it was great, and kept me interested for the whole hour, but the end looked like it was going to be a major cop-out.  The boys had finally tracked down the demon that killed their mom and had rescued their dad from possession, but the demon got away!  Arg, I thought.  How convenient.  Now they're going to spend another season trying to find the demon again.  Couldn't they have done better?  Then!  Then!  In the last two minutes of the show, Sam, Dean and their dad are driving to a hospital and out of nowhere BAM!  Big giant truck driven by the demon slams into the side of the car.  The boys are out of commission, the big bad is right outside the car and… it fades to black.  Without me knowing if there was going to be a second season or not.  The pain! 

So, if there wasn't going to be a next season, I would have assumed that the Winchesters were toast.  Which is an interesting way to end a show.  Very Angel-like.  But now I'll get to spend another season drooling over Dean and hoping Sammy gets a haircut.  Yay!

And I really really want Veronica and Logan to go to college in the same town.  I need them to be together!


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