Sometimes people just suck

May 10, 2006 at 2:02 am Leave a comment

There is a letter (it's on May 9th – there are usually no permalinks for these things, so you'll have to scroll down) in Sci Fi Weekly responding to an earlier letter complaining about the manga book that was removed from a library in California.  This new person was saying that they'd love to have anime and manga in the library for their patrons, but someone keeps stealing it.  Actually he said borrowed and failed to return but… if they really borrowed it the library would have a record of who it was.  I'm guessing it was just stolen unless people there are engaging in library card fraud.  That's why they keep the manga and dvd holds behind the circulation desk at the branch I go to.  Because people suck and can't grasp the idea that if something doesn't belong to them, they shouldn't take it. 

Heh.  Actually, a few months ago I had a shoplifter at the store one Saturday morning, and he was a little more offensive than most because this guy was really stupid.  (Lucky enough to get away with shoplifting maybe, but not the sharpest knife in the drawer.)  He was chatting to me and asking me for help, and hung out in my section "waiting for someone."  He was annoying, but fine.  Then I decided to dust the tv sets and as I rounded the end of the section I saw an empty Sopranos box lying on a shelf.  The one I had shown him not five minutes before and the only one we had in the store.  sigh.  So I walked back to my counter, and now we're staring at each other, because he knows that I know he has that set in his jacket.  As I was calling all the people I'm supposed to call when I have a thief, I hear a weird noise and look over, and the guy was trying to squeeze through the three inches between the wall and the security gate.  I wanted to say, "Dude.  Seriously.  What are you doing?? Just walk out!"  Then we all got to stand around and watch him talk to another staff member before leaving.  Because I didn't actually see him take it.  grrr!

The next week I was on the streetcar going home from the library early because I wasn't quite over the flu I had.  I was going to pick up my holds from the public library on the way and as I was standing there waiting to get off at my stop I see the stupid shoplifter guy sitting right next to the door.  Now he was trying to act casual because he recognized me and from my GLARE he knew I remembered him, too.  If I hadn't been ready to keel over from dizziness I'm pretty sure I would have said something sarcastic.  I settled for glaring and staring, even as the streetcar pulled away and he was looking out the window after me.  It was all very dramatic and had we been in a movie the soundtrack would have been vaguely menacing and I would have been wearing a dark trenchcoat and stylish sunglasses. 

That was a rather long way of getting around to the circ person apologizing for having to fetch all of my holds and tell me why.  I agreed that some people have too much nerve and told her my shoplifter story and we had a lovely chat, shaking our heads over people. 

Theft from libraries baffle me.  It's all FREE!  They LET you take it!  You just have to bring it back when you're done and not sell it on eBay…   

Here's where I confess that I'm posting at 3am again, and I stayed home from work today due to excessive dizziness.  I finally crawled out of bed at 8pm tonight which is why I'm wide awake now, but still slightly dizzy.  Will I read this tomorrow and be appalled?  Possibly.  I'm going to live dangerously and hit the publish button anyway.  :)


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