Fun toys and less fun blog maintenance

May 1, 2006 at 1:19 am Leave a comment

Well, I had a lovely day out, and my trip to the Silver Snail was semi-successful.  I didn't find the little DC action figures I was looking for (I just found out they're not being released until the end of the month, which explains the amount of confusion when I asked about them at the store), but DID get a Human Disguise Invader Zim figure.  Now I can build the house!  Yay! 

Now I just need the j-pop cd and I'll feel better about missing the convention.  I'm going to try to get to Anime Xtreme this week, which is where I got my Nami Tamaki cd at the last convention I went to… which was two years ago, I think.  I'll see if they sell cds in the store, I guess.  (They had this thing where if you bought three volumes of manga you'd get a free bag, which I wanted.  So, I bought two manga, one of which was the first Tramps Like Us volume that I had previously scorned, and asked if I could sub the cd for the third book.  And no, I've never used the bag.  But it was free with purchase, so I was compelled to buy more to get it.)

Yes, that's how I started reading Tramps Like Us.  I was padding my purchase to get a free bag so I bought something I didn't really want.  Now it's one of my go-without-food titles.  Go figure.

I had some feedback about some manga titles/volumes missing from my Not Yet Released page, which was lovely.  It also reminded me that I've had a huge list of updates I hadn't done yet.  Sooo… I spent an hour doing blog maintenance and… the freaking editor glitched on my save and I lost all my work.  Which is what happened the last time I tried this update, darn it, which is why it hadn't been done.  I only have so much energy.  So, I guess I'll try a different method next time.  I'm certainly not about to try again tonight.  sigh.  Should have finished up the review entry I'm working on instead I guess.

Off to bed. 


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