Saturday night rambling

April 22, 2006 at 11:36 pm Leave a comment

It was another slow Saturday at the store, probably due to the crappy, rainy weather.  It was nice, though, since I had another shift where I actually got to do something other than stare at the dvd sets to make sure they don't get stolen.  Last weekend I went through the whole kids section tidying, shifting, pulling titles off with declarations of "THAT doesn't go there!!" and alphabetizing.  Yes, I'm a library geek.  Today I tackled the classics section, but didn't quite have the time to really plan the job properly.  I finished just in the nick of time, but it was rushed and I didn't get the same glow of satisfaction that I did last week.  :(

My lunchtime manga this week was Pichi Pichi Pitch, which can only be described as Sailor Moon with mermaids.  I suppose most magical girl stories can be described as "Sailor Moon with insert gimmick here" but I was getting pretty strong vibes off of this.  Of course, I've only read the first volume so it may get really original later.  We'll see, but so far it's been eerily similar.  Basically the plot is a mermaid princess (disguised as a human) must gather the other six princesses of the seas so they can stop the evil guy who's been capturing the girls and using them to… um… cause storms? take over the seas?  I can't remember exactly and this is why I shouldn't try to write about manga when it's not in front of me.  :)  There's also a romantic subplot as Lucia (the Pink Pearl mermaid) is in love with a hot surfer boy she saved from drowning years earlier and then gave her pearl to.  (Apparently mermaids need their pearls to transform into fancy costumes and sing, which is how they use their powers)  Said boy (Kaito) seems to have a mysterious link to the equally hot villain, and perhaps some special powers of his own.  The source of angst is that Lucia can't tell him she's the mermaid who saved him (and who he's in love with) because if a mermaid reveals herself to a human she turns into sea foam.  There's also a weird penguin who can talk.  I can't quite say I loved this one, but it is perhaps better than my weird little review is giving it credit for. 

Hey – at least there were no roses being flung about.  There's a preview from Del Rey if you want to check it out for yourself.

And the "I'm looking for a movie but can't remember the name of it" movie of the week?  It was a figure skating movie with a hockey player in it.  That one was easy!


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New manga and convention angst A rant (sort of)

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