Provenance – Supernatural #18

April 17, 2006 at 12:37 am Leave a comment

Oh oh oh!  Just watched the newest Supernatural episode and wow, I really liked it.  Made me laugh, made me awww and it made me jump a freaking mile.  Also?  Very creepy painting plus a guest star of the week who could actually act.  I was disappointed last week when Venus Terzo guest starred and then was given nothing to do.  What a waste of a good actress, but I'm still glad she was on.  (One of the ways to tell a show is filmed in Vancouver is to see how many of the Viz voice actors make it on as guest stars.)

So, this week the boys investigate a mysterious painting.  Seems every time the painting is sold murder ensues.  Will Sam and Dean manage to solve the mystery before more people die?  Sam gets to flirt with a cute art expert and Dean gets to uh… have a one night stand with a nameless extra?  heh.  He does other stuff too, and looks very good doing it.  Jensen Ackles rocks the big brother stuff.  There's also a lovely heist-type scene, and I'm a sucker for a good heist.  (Ooo, Foolproof: very good Canadian heist movie starring Ryan Reynolds.  And by Canadian I mean actually set in Canada for once.  It was very disorienting.)

Plus?  More research in an actual library, this time with help from an actual librarian.  Well, I assume it was a library.  There were a lot of books but I was horribly distracted by the fact that none of them had spine labels.  I kept thinking, "Are they in a library?  Is that a historical society?  No, it's a library.  Wait!  It's way too messy to be a library, but it's too busy for a historical society…"

I acknowledge that sometimes I need help.  Go watch Supernatural despite me. 

Next week: Vampires.  Really.  Ten bucks says Sam's neck is involved at some point since he seems to get choked a lot.  I'm betting he'll be irresistible to a vampire…


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Happy Easter! Sometimes you’ve just got to laugh…

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