Ouran High Host Club anime #2

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Thanks to the wonderfully dedicated people at WordPress working out the bugs in the system over what should be the holidays, I get to now let you know about episode two of the Ouran anime being available.  Posting wasn't working last night, a fact that everyone should be grateful for as I was feeling even more babbley yesterday than I am today.  My theme was also screwed up which is why my blog looks different today. 

Sooo… it's available.  I'm downloading it and will watch it soon.  :P

I've just gotten home from work myself as I got to spend the day at the bookstore processing new dvds, helping my customers, trying to avoid a higher than usual number of freaky people loitering around my section, and answering "what time are you closed" over and over and over on the phone.  I was just pathetically grateful that after 11am people stopped asking "are you open today?"  It let me keep the cheerfulness levels up.  Not that I minded answering the hours question so much – no one was forcing me to answer the phone after all, and it helped to know before I picked it up what the question would be.  I just think if people had kept asking if we were open farther into the day I probably would have stopped running to the phone so often.  :)

My oddest question of the day turned out to be completely unrelated to movies, and I'm sure I seemed pretty dim when I answered it.  A kid asked me a question and I didn't realize at first that 1) he had an American accent and 2) the question wasn't about a movie so I was trying to figure out what dvd he was looking for.  It turned out all he wanted to know was how old you had to be to get into bars in Canada.  19, dude!  He was still too young, though.

My odd people day only continued after I left as a guy asked me for directions to the College subway station and then asked if I "wanted to take a walk."  Whatever, I was going that way anyway.  Then it turns out he wants me to be his new friend.  The whole walk was "what's your sign?" (I'm a Scorpio, he was a Pisces and neither of us knew if that was good or not), then it was a discussion of whether the library would be open or not on Monday, the troubles he's having making friends in Toronto, his phone bill from calling internet friends in the States, he can't afford a computer, let me sing this song for you to see if you know the name of it, etc etc etc.  When we finally got to College he asked if we could be phone or email buddies.  Sheesh!  It's kind of sad that he's reduced to trolling Yonge St for friends, but if I'm going to start being a phone person it'll be for my family and the friends I already have.  I did try to give him tips on finding Toronto friends online, though. 

I wish I knew why people find me so approachable on the street.  I don't usually care, since it's normally people who are actually lost (and one weird encounter in Shopper's Drug Mart when a woman wanted me to help her pick out toothpaste), but this guy is potentially ruining it for the next person who needs directions from me….

So once I ditched the poor guy (who probably started looking around for someone to walk him back to the Dundas subway) I continued on to see if I could rent the new Dr. Who, but the video store doesn't carry that series.  I watched "The Empty Child" at work, but when I tried to put the second part of the story on next time I went in I found out that our viewing copy had "disappeared."  (Those quotes are sarcastic, btw)  So I tried downloading it, but the file didn't work.  Today was the third time I've been foiled in my attempt to watch this bloody episode.  grr.  arg.  Tomorrow I go to Suspect.  I'm pretty sure they'll have it.

Hmm.  I'm at 61.1%.  How much more torture will you all have to put up with?

None!  I'm feeling charitable.  I'll just say that I bought volume 2 of La Esperanca and a cheapie Prince of Tennis calendar when I went to Chinatown last night.  Also finally found a copy of Fearless with subtitles that will most likely be dropped into my "to be watched" pile and forgotten for six months along with all of my other movies…

Would it help to explain that I've pretty much only had little chocolate Easter eggs to eat today? 


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Antique Bakery 3 Happy Easter!

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