Antique Bakery 3

April 13, 2006 at 10:57 am Leave a comment

This week's manga:

Antique Bakery 3 (this volume smells like lime, I think?)
Her Majesty's Dog 1 (my random new title pick)
Oh My Goddess 22 (not a new release, but needed for my collection)
Midori Days 5

I somehow missed Antique Bakery last week, so got to have fun reading it yesterday at lunch.  And it *was* fun – I was sitting in the cafeteria trying not to laugh too loudly…  The first story had Ono (demonically gay but terrified of women) and Chikage (clueless and clumsy) in charge of an Antique Bakery booth in the middle of a shopping center filled with housewives who were flocking to ogle the two gorgeous men.  They were both so scared! 

This volume also went deeper into everyone's pasts – Ono's introduction into the pastry world via a tempermental Frenchman, how Chikage's family began working for the Tachibana's, a little more about the kidnapping that changed Tachibana's life and a few other stories as well.    So much packed into one book! 

That's all I've had a chance to read so far.  I'd say more about the rest later, but I keep saying that and never following through. Too busy right now, I think.  And please note that after splurging on eight books last week, this time I kept it to a minimum.  I'm saving picking up missed books for the con at the end of the month.

And to the person who hit this site yesterday with a search of profanity in Antique Bakery (if you ever come back), volume three had a "hell" and a "jackass" if that helps.  I don't think the previous volumes are any worse.  It felt like they talked about sex in this book more than the others for some reason if that matters at all…

(By the way, I keep finding stupid mistakes in this post, so please forgive any I may have missed correcting.  I'm operating on about two hours of sleep right now and my fingers refuse to type well.  Curse you, Veronica Mars!)


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