Even more Lost

April 5, 2006 at 11:48 pm Leave a comment

Bwah ha ha ha ha ha haaa!

Hurley beat up Sawyer!!

hee hee hee…

I liked tonight's episode, but that was the best moment.

Also, I found Initial D, read it and returned it to the library.  Now I can't find the David Weber book I borrowed.  You'd think my room was really really messy, but it's not.  I'm feeling vaguely alarmed by the fact that I can't find the Weber book though.  There aren't many places at home it could be, and when my mom was here she really wanted to do some tidying.  Did she move the book somewhere?  It was in a bag… do I call her in Halifax to ask?  Keep looking?  Damn.

I laughed when she wanted to put my manga away, though.  I told her that *I* can't find anywhere to put it, so I doubt she'd have much luck.  Plus, I have a system and can find stuff pretty easily even if it looks like random piles of books.

I finished Doomsday Book this morning and wanted to reread some other Connie Willis books.  It took a couple of tries to find them in my book closet, though.  I cleaned it out a couple of weeks ago, but it's still four rows of books deep, which is a lot of looking when you're not quite sure which shelf the book you want is on.  I read Bellwether (since I spent all day in bed with a sore back) and started on To Say Nothing of the Dog this evening.  Had to break to watch Bones and Lost though.  What I really wanted to reread was Uncharted Territory, but I think I'll have to wade back in to find it.

(Bones was okay, but the men were a little too gleeful about the pirate thing.  I don't know anyone who gets that excited about pirates… it just felt forced.)

Oops!  Just went back and looked in the closet.  It was partway down the same row of books.  Why weren't all the Willis books together?  Bad, Cathy, bad!  Did library school teach you nothing?

BTW, many great library moments in Bellwether.  One of them is even about misshelved books…


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Lost – both meanings Straight from Japan!

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