Never underestimate the healing power of Fruits Basket

April 1, 2006 at 11:29 am 2 comments

I spent Thursday afternoon in a lovely Fruits Basket glow and completely immune from irritation since I got to read volume 13 at lunch.  So…very….good!  I especially liked it because Ayame was in the first chapter and I'm a huge Aya fan.  He's so flamboyant!  And the way he runs to call Hatori every time Yuki says anything nice to him is so sweet.  Poor poor Hatori.  The first part of my lunch was spent trying to stifle my giggles as I read about Aya's visit to Yuki's school.  I didn't do a very good job, though.  :) 

I read a translation of this volume earlier so I didn't have that sense of anticipation I normally do with new manga, but I loved it anyway.  The way Natsuki Takaya can make a character seem so sad and yet you have such hope for them is amazing.  Momiji's little sister Momo makes a reappearance and Tohru and the gang go on their school trip.  I can't quite decide if it makes me happy that Yuki is becoming more outgoing and hanging out with the student council or if it's kind of sad that he doesn't seem to spend as much time with Tohru anymore. 

I also bought the new Eyeshield 21 (as usual it had me laughing), Bleach and a new one called Yubisaki milk tea.

Ever since Yoshinori filled in for his sister Yuki at a photo shoot, he has developed a secret passion for cross-dressing. When he slips on a skirt or dress, and steps out in public, he learns a great deal about what it means to be a woman…and a man. But when Yoshinori–dressed as Yuki–hears childhood friend Hidari confess her love for him, things get a bit out of control! Tomochika Miyano unique and unforgettable take on sexual identity, emotional angst, and metrosexual chic is a bishonen explosion of excitement, intrigue, and seduction.

I bought this one on a whim – I'm not sure what exactly made me buy it.  Tokyopop has it marked as a romance so I suppose it's a shojo book, but with all the panty shots and fan service it sometimes seemed more like it was written for guys.  It has a parental advisory seal on the back and it's rated 18+ but other than a bit of nudity and some innuendo there wasn't really much adult content.  Perhaps it comes later in the series.  Oddly enough DMP rated Our Kingdom2 as a 16+ book and there's one sex scene in there that could have been pretty R rated if Rei's head was a bit farther away from Akira's body… What would have pushed it to 18+?  I wish I knew more about how they decided these ratings.  It doesn't seem consistent from publisher to publisher.

The story itself wasn't bad.  Yoshinori seems to like crossdressing more for the opportunity it gives him to step outside himself and become someone else for a while more than anything else.  He also uses himself as a model for taking photos.  He's hitting puberty late so it seems in volume 2 he's changed too much to crossdress anymore and starts using his girl friends (yes, two words) for models.  The book also had two short stories that had storylines that were pretty similar to the main one.  I'll pick up volume two to see where it goes.

Forgot to mention I also got Yellow #3 last week.  I have to say that I don't like the art overly much in Yellow.  It's pretty inconsistent.  I do like the story, though and this one really went into Taki's past and his issues with women/men.  And it had a shocking ending!  Next volume is the last one, and while I'm pretty sure I know how it's all going to play out I think it'll be a fun read.

That's it!  I'm off to work and between a surprise visit from my mom for the weekend and working at Ad Astra I think these will be the last free minutes I have until Monday.  She mentioned using my computer for a while this afternoon, which prompted flurries of activity as I tried to pick up all the piles of manga that are potential tripping hazards.  Hey, *I* trip over them and I'm not as accident prone as my mom is!  I now have stacks of books on random flat surfaces of my room.  I so need to do a major shift and shelve soon…


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  • 1. Amy  |  April 3, 2006 at 1:26 am

    I always thought that the world of manga was way to fast for me in North America, new titles every week and the popularity of some series. Then I came to Japan and was blown out of the water. I went to an anime shop last week – which means Cathy you should be getting a package in about 2 weeks. And couldn’t find a thing for Fruits Basket. Its finished here, which equals little to no popularity. The titles that took up the most space were Bleach, FUll metal alchemist, Gundum in all its forms, and a whole row dedicated to boy love manga. Which i find ironic, as homosexuals are not very accepted here in Japan, and are often the blunt of jokes here in Japan. THere currently is a popular comedian who dresses in leather hot pants, chains and a leather biker vest who bases his enitre humour on the homosexual culture in Japan. Just thought i would pass on this little tid bit.

  • 2. pajcat  |  April 4, 2006 at 12:40 am

    That seems like kind of an unfair double standard. But I love your tidbits. :) I keep trying to send your package, but then have just one more thing to add… Like I’m not allowed to go to the post office more than once or something.

    Any last requests? :)


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