You know you’re in a daze when…

March 30, 2006 at 12:17 am Leave a comment

…you somehow manage to FORGET it's Manga Day!!  Arg!

Actually, I had a very irritating last couple of hours at the library today.  It resulted in me not only being in a very bad mood, but also leaving late because I didn't have time to do my interlibrary loans when I was supposed to.  Sooo, I grabbed a quick dinner on the way to the bookstore and it wasn't until I was going up the escalator that I realized I had forgotten all about going to the comic store!  My mental NOOOOO! was very dramatic.  Fortunately I (surprisingly) have the ability to not carry a bad mood from one job to another so was in a good mood for the rest of the evening.  It helped that I remembered that the new Wallflower came out yesterday so I got to buy that while I was on my break.  I was going to save it as incentive to finish my current book, but after giggling over the blurb on the back I decided I couldn't wait and read it on the way home.

Four of Japan’s hottest guys are doing their best in their mission to turn dark, macabre Sunako into a dainty young woman. Gorgeous Ranmaru is famous for his smooth way with the ladies. But when a cute toddler named Rin shows up calling Ranmaru “Daddy,” it seems that Ranmaru’s days of swinging bachelorhood may be over! Ranmaru swears that Rin is not his kid, but they sure look an awful lot alike.

Ranmaru does his darndest to avoid the little boy, but Sunako turns out to have a soft spot for the little squirt. It looks like Ranmaru just might have to accept his role as father–and Sunako seems like the perfect mom. Will motherhood finally turn Sunako into a true lady?

Surprisingly this turned out to be my least favorite story in the book.  (It was still pretty good, though)  It seemed a lot more divided up into short stories than usual, but it was a fun mix.  It included:

  • Yuki brings home some magic mushrooms an old lady gave him on the street.  The guys manage to spit theirs out, but Sunako undergoes a dramatic transformation.  Turns out they were Princess Mushrooms, and the boys finally get the perfect lady they've been hoping for….
  • The blurb story.  It was pretty amusing watching the guys chase after this little energetic boy.
  • Sunako and the guys attend a Hallowe'en party at a spooky old mansion.  Sunako is in Heaven, but the others are horrified to see their Landlady at the same party.  Can they keep the two apart or will they have to start paying full rent again?
  • Kyohei ends up in the hospital and all is in chaos as women converge on his hospital room.  The other guys manage to provide a distraction, but it seems his room is haunted by the spirit of a "fragile bishonen boy."   Will Kyohei get the rest he needs to recover, or will the craziness continue?  And will Sunako ever find the creepy human experiment souvenirs she's searching for?

I'm going to the comic store tomorrow at lunch, darnit!  No forgetting this time!  I was going to go at lunch today but remembered that I had some holds expiring at the library so had to go there instead.  The poor circ person was trying to help me after I "complained" about having over $50 in overdue fines since Christmas.  (Being the overdue person at my library means that I'm pretty good about accepting responsibility for deciding to not return my own books on time.  So I wasn't really complaining, I was smiling, and it was more of a self-exasperated joke.)  She was running through all of my options like, "You know you can renew from any branch, right?  And renew online?  And we have drop boxes outside. And you can return your books to any branch?"  Yes, yes, I replied.  Finally she gave up, laughed, and thanked me for supporting the library.  sigh.  It's the dvd's.  A week goes by so quickly… and I'm never allowed to renew them….


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