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March 27, 2006 at 5:53 pm Leave a comment

If you were listening very carefully at around 4:15 today you may have heard some distant thumping.  That was my head hitting my desk repeatedly as I got a "can you order this page of books before year end" email from one of the other departments here.  Well, I'll see what I can do in the next half an hour, but I kind of doubt it.

This is, of course, after working through about 15 pages of books for the library in two days due to some last minute leeway in the budget.  Arg.  I have a headache!  So all the accounting I was going to be doing got pushed aside and tomorrow is the deadline for everything to be ship shape and upstairs.  Guess who gets to work late today!  (Which I did on purpose, I guess, because the alternative was coming in yesterday and I didn't want to spend my only day off in the library.  I stayed home and caught up on some tv and anime instead.)

I managed to find two of the nine books after calling four or five bookstores (when I should have been finishing my interlibrary loan requests), so I shouldn't feel *too* guilty.  But I do, of course.  I want to be a miracle worker!  I also got an end of the day call from UPS because a package of ours somehow got stuck in customs, which never ever happens.  It just wouldn't be a year end without something going wrong with one of our Barnes and Noble orders, though.  I love that online bookstore – they have medical books in stock, they don't *lie* about what they have in stock, they're usually pretty cheap and they ship quickly.  But every single year end I've been doing acquisitions there's been a problem with an order.  That's the only time of year it happens.  Weird.

Okay!  Break's over.  Time to go back to Excel, damnit!


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