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I forgot to mention one of my new books yesterday.  I also bought Sugar Sugar Rune #2 and completely zoned out about it.  Which is odd, because yesterday is when I read it.  Evidently it didn’t make much of an impression.  :)  I can’t decide how I feel about this series yet.  I’m glad volume two moved towards a bigger plot than just following Chocolat and Vanilla around as they steal hearts, but I’ll wait and see how I feel about the third book before I decide whether to stop or not.

I started reading Boogiepop and others today.  It’s very intriguing.  Every chapter is told by a different student, with each one having a different perspective on the events unfolding at their school.  I’m on the fourth student now and it’s interesting to see how the characters who were mentioned so briefly by the first student are a lot more important than they seemed at first.  It goes from the idea that Boogiepop is a second personality in a troubled student’s mind to him being a phantom assassin and then the story really starts branching out.  I don’t want to say much, because part of the fun is seeing the previous events turned around and be completely different than your initial impression…  I’m definitely interested in seeing the anime now, though and I think I’ll pick up the manga next month as well.

I was also shocked to find out that Kelley Armstrong’s new book Broken is coming out at the end of April.  I thought it was going to be much later in the year, but I’m thrilled to be wrong.  Maybe time is just passing by quickly right now.  :)  At work I was filling out a list of books for our staff picks shelf and decided to put Bitten on the list in honour of her new book.  When I first read Bitten, I loved it and tried to find other werewolf books to read with very little success.  I think the worst of them was Kitty Does the Midnight Hour.  Ouch.  I didn’t make it all the way to the end of that one, it was just so implausible.   That’s what I get for picking out a book for the title alone.  :)  It was hard to find good recommendations, though.  Most people are into vampire books, not werewolves.

BTW, the other books on my list were Ouran High School Host Club, xxxHolic, Valor’s Choice and the Book of Jhereg (which was sneaky of me, since it’s actually three books in one volume).  I scratched out the Boy Next Door for Bitten.

Picking only five books was very hard.  Even now I’m fighting the urge to just keep writing a list…  Signing off now before I go crazy…


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