Some Ouran scans and my reject pile

March 17, 2006 at 2:50 am 3 comments

Here are some cute scans I made last week that I couldn’t post.  It looks like it’s working now, so here you go.  They’re not the best quality, I know, but 1) I’m new to the scanning thing and 2) scanning bends my manga spines!!!  Anyone who knows me knows how anal I can be about not damaging my books.  :)  I didn’t want to push down too hard on the book to get nicer borders and I suppose there’s something I could do to make the image less grey… I’ll worry about it another day.  Hmm, actually I scan a lot of journal articles at work for interlibrary loans and they’re better there, so yeah, it must be the damage thing.

These are some little space fillers they stuck at the beginning of each chapter that made me giggle.  Okay, the first one made me “awww” not giggle.  :)  I didn’t do them all though.  I left out Tamaki Red and Mori Silver.  I love how each character’s attacks and weaknesses capture their personalities perfectly.


    or1 001.jpg

    or1 004.jpg

    or1 003.jpg

    or1 002.jpg


I haven’t posted my new manga for the week yet.  I’m going back to the comic store tomorrow with some titles I didn’t like to trade them in for new ones.  I haven’t bought a lot of duds since I did my last major weeding session (though that round got me season three of Farscape in trade.  Yay!  If only the comic store still had season four…) but I figure there’s no point in having them hang around. 

Total aside:  I was browsing the new dvd list at the Toronto Public Library today and found out they got Farscape: the Peacekeeper Wars.  Cool.  I checked to see if they had any of the box sets, but no luck.  :(   I still have to get season four on dvd, but I think I’m waiting for the Starburst Editions to get that far since I’ve seen most of it already.  Goodness knows I was obsessed enough to get the first three seasons at top speed.  Good times.

Back to the manga!  Here’s what I’m getting rid of (hopefully):

Black Cat 1
Broken Angels 1
Gacha Gacha 1 – I’ve already explained why I didn’t like this one here.
888 #1 – kind of cute, but not overly exciting and not worth getting anymore.  I can’t see me rereading it, either, so…
I Luv Halloween 1-2 – these overloaded my gross meter.  They do give fair warning on the back of the book – they’re pretty sick.  I thought most of the first volume wasn’t bad, but it kind of went over the top a few times.  Volume two has zombies.   Lots of eating of people, hacking people apart…  I wouldn’t say it’s terribly graphic – a lot of scenes you just get dialogue to describe the action, and the imagination is always worse than anything someone could draw, I guess.  Oddly enough it was the story I had problems with rather than the art, but this author also works on the Battle Royale translation which I also gave up on (this is the series that netted me a season of Farscape).  I didn’t have a problem with the story in Battle Royale, though.  I quite liked that part, I just couldn’t handle the art after a while. 
Sequence – this was pitched to me as a standalone and isn’t numbered at all, but it reads like the first volume to a long series.  It ends with the characters setting out on a quest to solve the main mystery brought up in the book.  The two reviewers at Amazon really seem to like this though, and I initially bought it because it was enthusiastically recommended to me at the comic store.  It just didn’t click with me.

Only eight seven bad books in almost a year.  Not bad.  I didn’t bother to write reasons for why I’m not keeping everything.  I didn’t like Black Cat, Broken Angels and Gacha Gacha, but the others I’m just kind of apathtic about.  I wouldn’t point to any of them and declare, “That sucked!” but they just don’t do anything for me.

Oooh.  Read some manga online at Viz.

When I was searching for Chocolat at Amazon Let Dai came up for my search results for some reason.  I really like the cover for volume two.  The series looks dark, yet very pretty.  I don’t think I’ve seen this at my comic store.  I might check it out….  Chocolat was on my list until a couple of minutes ago, btw.  I think I’m going to keep it after all.  I liked it the most out of all my discard stack.


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Tsubasa *first* then xxxHolic I may cry

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  • 1. mai lee  |  December 27, 2007 at 3:07 pm

    cool pictures here like to see more please.

  • 2. click  |  February 23, 2008 at 5:26 pm

    Definitely read Let Dai. It is dark, but it’s amazing. Every character is important and it may be a helpless spiral into despair as far as those characters are concerned, but I still hope there’ll be a happy ending, dangit!

  • 3. pajcat  |  February 23, 2008 at 11:56 pm

    Oh yeah, I’ve been reading it. It’s pretty twisted, I think. Lots of screwed up people. I’m enjoying it so far though.

    I like your optimism, though. :)


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