Tsubasa *first* then xxxHolic

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I just finished watching the Tsubasa movie. Important note for people planning on watching this and the xxxHolic movie: watch Tsubasa first – the little clip of Sayoran & Co at the end of xxxHolic gives away the end of the other movie. Not a huge deal I guess, but it took away some of the suspense. :)

Tsubasa (Tsubasa Chronicle the Movie: The Princess of the Land of the Birdcage) was *very* pretty, but the story seemed more like a tv episode than a movie. I think it was because it was fairly short – if the timer on my dvd player is correct it only ran for about 35 minutes. The movie opens with Sakura and her friends landing in a kingdom enclosed in a giant cage. Sakura, Sayoran and Mokona land apart from Fai and Kurogane. Sakura and her group meet up with a local who takes them to see Princess Tomoya who is in hiding after her evil uncle seals her voice and plots to use her to bring eternal darkness and isolation to the kingdom. Meanwhile, Fai and Kurogane have a run in with the King’s guards and are captured and caged. Tomoya gives a ring to Sakura that holds some of her power and is kidnapped by the King shortly after. Sayoran and Sakura plan to help the locals rescue Tomoya before the King uses his evil spell.

Like I said earlier – this movie is gorgeous. Much like the xxxHolic movie the colours were really clear and vibrant. I kept staring at Sayoran’s eyes in particular because although it was subtle, it was also obvious that one of them was different (it’s not always so clear in the manga and anime). He also seemed to take the lead in the movie and towards the end pretty much became an unstoppable force of nature. Poor Fai and Kurogane were pushed into the background for this one. :)

The xxxHolic movie (xxxHOLiC – A Midsummer Night’s Dream) was a bit more complicated, but it was also twice as long as Tsubasa. One day a young woman appears at Yuko’s shop and asks for help returning to her old home, which has rejected her attempts to enter. By coincidence (should I say hitsuzen?) Yuko also receives an invitation to attend an auction there and sets out with Watanuki and Domeki. When they arrive at the mansion they meet a group of very intense collectors but there’s no sign of their mysterious host or what will be up for auction. As time passes, the collectors begin disappearing one by one and Watanuki becomes separated from his companions. He has to make his way through the haunted and changeable mansion to find Yuko so they have a chance of solving the mystery of their host and getting out alive.

I liked them both very much, but xxxHolic was my favorite of the two, I think.


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