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This is because I have blog guilt.  I haven’t posted much lately – mostly because I’ve been busy…um…napping, and WordPress has been a bit hiccupy lately.  Didn’t want to spend a bunch of time and effort writing something that’d just get lost and/or eaten. 

So, my manga update for this week:

Ouran High School Host Club 5 – you can tell that Bisco Hatori has a thing for twins.  I think the Hitachiin brothers get more story time than most of the rest of the Host Club.  This volume had a lot more character development and for the first time I could really tell the difference between the twins’ personalities.  I had a fantastic time reading it, as usual.
Ultra Maniac 5 – I had no idea that this was going to be the last one.  I need to do more research, I think.
Pretty Maniacs 3 – see note for Ultra Maniac
Cromartie High School 5 – Now with even MORE gorillas!
Fushigi Yugi Genbu Kaiden 3 – still fun to say

I was going to include some cute little scans from the latest Host Club, but… hiccups.  I’ll try again later.

Other fun and games this week?  Watched the xxxHolic movie last night.  It was really good.  I thought the colours were wonderfully vibrant – much like the manga covers.  The animation for the Watanuki/spirit scenes was a bit odd, and a couple of times they had a weird “Watanuki cam” style while he was crawling through corridors, but I think that’s as negative as I can get with the movie (uh, except a certain oddly shaped portion of Yuko’s anatomy that I found *very* distracting. It was like she had a box strapped to the front of her dress).  The story was solid and a lot like one of the manga stories.   I hadn’t seen any of the tv show episodes and I’m really happy with how they did the animation – it kept the art style of the manga beautifully (even more than Tsubasa, which was amazing).  I also really liked the voice actors.  And I totally got that the actor doing Domeki was also Mugen in Samurai Champloo.  (Kazuya Nakai, if you’re interested).  I like it when I can recognize voices.  I’m a geek that way.

Next I’m watching the Tsubasa movie.  Sayoran had a bit of a cameo in the xxxHolic movie, so it’ll be interesting to see if the two movies are connected like the manga.  Probably will be.

I had fun at work tonight making up another anime order list.  I don’t know how much of it we’ll sell, but our shelves will look very nice.  :)  It was a bit annoying to see some things coming out in the States that aren’t coming to Canada at the same time, though.  Like an uber cheap set for Escaflowne or Panda Z.  Of course, I’ll have to double check the list I made to make sure that it’s really not available here.  There are some good titles coming out later in the year, like Full Moon (June), Negima (June) and the fourth Inu Yasha movie (August).

I also recommended Totoro for a three year old who didn’t want a “scawy movie.”  Awww!  He was so cute!  And I don’t think there’s anything in Totoro that would be scawy…

I picked up my comics this week as well.  As usual the best in the bunch were the Teen Titans and Ultimate Spiderman.  Note to DC people though: If you’re going to put major character developments in an Annual, could you put it out before the regular issues that deal with the Annual stuff and not the week after?  Please?  Thanks.  I thought I was missing an issue of Teen Titans until I read the boards on the DC site and found out that the Annual was where Wonder Girl lost her powers and she and Superboy got very physical.  Oi.  The cover is really nice though.

Also, Bryan Lee O’Malley would like his fellow Canadians to vote for him in the Best Cartoonist category for the Joe Shuster Awards (which you should anyway, because Scott Pilgrim is awesome).  Voting form is here, and if you want to know more about the nominees you have to check the news page

This isn’t very wee anymore, is it?  Oops.


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Totoro is NOT a “blobby thing” Tsubasa *first* then xxxHolic

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