Totoro is NOT a “blobby thing”

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I had a manga/anime kind of night at the bookstore.  Cool!  It started out when I was browsing around to see if we had the first Tenjho Tenge graphic novel so I could check it out.  Yes, I know it’s horribly censored and edited, but I still wanted to take a look.  I ended up chatting with the fiction manager and a new buyer for the store about manga.  It was neat, but also weird to find myself explaining shonen-ai and yaoi books to a total stranger.  :)  Still, it’s so different there now that I know I can have an effect on the store beyond the 12 hours a week I spend trapped in my section.  I ended up finding a couple of release date sites for my manager and wrote him a surprisingly calm note about how Ouran High School Host Club is supposed to be out this week and we don’t have any on order!  Arg.  Also no new Fushigi Yugi Genbu Kaidan or Ultra Maniac, damnit!  There was no excitable punctuation in the note I left him, though.  :)

I also sold two copies of the new My Neighbor Totoro tonight.  Yay!  Though the first gentleman who bought it got treated to some of my patented “I’m bored and you just asked me an anime question babble.”  heh.  I hate it when I do that.  After some back and forth about the Criterion Seven Samurai and whether or not a newer/cheaper edition was coming out we had this little exchange:

Customer: Do you know Japanese cartoons?
Me: Why YES!  What did you want to know?
Customer:  I was told I had to get a certain movie that was really good.  I can’t remember what it was called though.  I’m just supposed to get it.
Me:  Do you know what it’s about?
Customer:  No, I just know there’s a blobby thing that some kids ride around on.
Me:  Um, blobby thing?
Customer:  It’s supposed to be a classic or something.
Me:  Well, My Neighbor Totoro was rereleased today.  Let me show it to you.  The kids ride around on Totoro, but he’s furry.
Customer:  Yeah, that’s it!  See?  He’s blobby.

I object to Totoro being called blobby.  He’s furry and pear shaped, not a blob.  We ended up chatting about the rest of the Studio Ghibli movies and I eventually found out he was picking out movies for his seven and ten year old sons.   I told him they weren’t too old to appreciate Totoro.  I think I was 25 when I saw it for the first time and I adored it.

I also got to chat with a girl looking for the Evangelion movie to show her boyfriend, read the third Zatch Bell manga and had a really weird conversation with another employee after waving a Tenjho Tenge dvd around and explaining that I started watching the series last night.  (BTW, the cafeteria fight in the second episode?  Kicked. Ass.)  He says (with me responding with a bunch of uhh’s, ums and I have no idea what you’re talking abouts): “Is that the anime you were talking about the other day?  The one with that guy?  And a girl?  They were doing stuff… Maybe dreaming or something.  And it was a school girl.  You said you hadn’t watched it in a while and just started again.  Which one was that?”   No idea, man.  I think you may have been having that conversation with someone else. 

Zatch Bell #3 was very entertaining.  The fighting pair that forced me to turn off the anime showed up in this volume but they were so funny this time!  The little mamodo guy was so pathetic, but he kept trying so hard.  Kiyo and Zatch were trying not to hurt him but his attacks were getting lamer and lamer.  The expression on Kiyo’s face was hilarious.  He was getting exasperated and worn out and just wanted the two to go away… I giggled my way through the last chapter of the book.

Of course, I’m operating on about 2 hours of sleep and I find a lot of things funny when I’m overtired.  I think this still would have been amusing if I were fully rested though.  Speaking of, I guess I should turn in.  I’m going to need a lot of energy in the morning.

There will be much excitement and chaos at the library tomorrow.  After years of asking, the hospital finally decided to let us have a new circulation desk which is being installed tomorrow.  This was a shock, especially coming only two years after recarpeting the library, which was in itself a surprise.  But while the silver coloured duct tape created lovely futuristic patterns on the floor, it was really becoming a hazard.  It was also interesting to watch all the preparations needed to move and store our journal collection and shift all of the empty shelves around.  The library looked enormous with all of the shelves pushed to one side of the room.  Even now as I’m walking down aisles in the stacks sometimes I’ll really look and remember how long the library is.  It’s so much harder to tell with all of the shelves and journals in place.  I’m looking forward to seeing the new desk.  We decided to have one built instead of ordering it from a library supply company, and we got to spend an afternoon picking out patterns on little 1×2″ tiles to cover the desk with.  I picked some colours I liked, but I’m not overly worried about that.  I got the one thing I asked for in a new desk:  A BOOK DROP!!  It’s sad how happy I am about that, but overdues are going to be so much easier now…


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