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March 1, 2006 at 10:42 pm 4 comments

Ah, Wednesday.  For many it is the sucky middle of the day week, but for me it means new manga.  Here are my new lovelies, and I only had to leave four behind… well, maybe five…

Gravitation (the novel)  (ha!  This is a novel – it doesn’t count towards my “only five manga a week” rule!!)
Black Cat 1
Whistle! 10
School Rumble 1
Saiyuki Reload 3
Death Note 4
I luv Halloween 2
Samurai Champloo 2
Gatcha Gacha 1

Faithful readers will note that I only bought two new manga last week, so I’m going to count three of my new ones as being from last week.  So… I’m still being good, I swear!  The comic store’s March sale is Viz gn’s at the US cover price, which I thought had influenced my choices a bit more, but it looks like I’m pretty much split between Tokyopop and Viz.  huh.

Death Note is annoying me but I’m also finding it intriguing, almost against my will.  The parts with L and Light “matching wits” bug the heck out of me – it seems so forced and contrived – and I almost decide to stop reading.  Then they slip in a new twist and I’m forced to get the next one.  Yes, I’m buying volume 5, damnit! 

School Rumble is just like the anime, which I enjoyed (and I’ve only seen about eight episodes, which means the manga will catch up soon and then it’ll all be new stuff for me).  The humour made me think of Cromartie High, mostly because of the situations and the overthinking the more dimwitted characters fall into.  I think Tenma and Harima would fit in well there.   


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February reading list when puppets go bad

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  • 1. niki  |  March 2, 2006 at 11:46 am

    My library’s carrying the first two volumes of Death Note and been thinking whether or not to borrow. But since I see you’re on volume four already, it’s worth it? Despite the “being contrived” and all? (geh, do my questions sound demanding-whiny or what? Didn’t mean to, it’s just it would be nice to know your take. There are too many manga that I’ve started and abandoned along the way that it would be good to have a second, even third opinion on whether the read’s investment-worthy).
    Thanks again,
    ~niki who per usual seems to be incoherent
    PS Yes, yes, the previous week’s allotment being moved to the current week… thumbs up ^^

  • 2. cathy  |  March 3, 2006 at 12:28 am

    Hmm. *I* think it’s contrived, but that’s due to a long held irritation with characters who figure out impossible things with very little information and then turn out to be right. Other people might not see it the same way. :)

    I think if you can get it for free from your library it’s definitely worth checking out. I’ve lent it to a couple of friends who really liked it and I’ve also seen a lot of teens and up to 30+ year olds buying it at the store. I mentioned in an earlier post that I had meant to stop buying it at volume 3 and then got sucked in again. I guess it’s tweaking my curiosity about what will happen next as opposed to other manga I might read because of an emotional connection to the characters. It helps that I also like the art (it’s the same artist who worked on Hikaru No Go, which I *do* recommend if you haven’t seen it/read it already) but he likes to draw really intense people. heh. You have some mysteries listed among your manga on your blog, so if you already like that sort of thing I think you might like this too, tho this is more of a supernatural mystery type book… Have you ever read the Kindaichi Files manga? It’s along the same lines as Tantei Gakuen Q (I think, anyway – I’ve only seen the first 20+ episodes of the anime) but a bit darker.

    Oi. *This* is incoherent. Sorry – I’m kind of tired right now. I hadn’t really thought much about the specifics in why I seem so ambivalent about it, but I guess if I’m lending it to people that means it’s something I’d recommend. When I first started reading it I thought “Oh, another Shinigami book,” since I’m also reading Bleach and Full Moon o Sagashite. The Shinigami in Death Note are very different, though. That might have lead to some unfair comparisons between the three books in the back of my head.

  • 3. Niki  |  March 20, 2006 at 3:34 am

    So sorry for not having replied sooner — thanks for the recommendation. Will borrow Death Note the next time I stop by the library (RL’s been a real pain lately).

    I truly appreciate you taking the time to answer my question. Wasn’t incoherent at’all ^^

    ~nik who’s hoping by the time she gets to the library there will be more than two Death Note volumes available

  • 4. pajcat  |  March 20, 2006 at 11:41 pm

    That’s okay! Let me know if you end up liking it!


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