I’m glad I’m not the only one!

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Today’s Unshelved has a pretty accurate depiction of how I approach a lot of new authors.  Remember the Redwall burnout? Repeat that with most of the authors I’ve ever read.  Redwall gave me giggling animal dreams, Jeffrey Deaver gave me nightmares… when I start dreaming about what I’m reading is when I know to switch to a new genre.  :)

I did it when I discovered Lois McMaster Bujold, Diana Wynne Jones, Julia Quinn and David Weber… no, I can’t make a list – it’d be too long.

Hmm.  Authors I would have read obsessively if I haven’t been reading them for 10+ years anyway: Tanya Huff, Terry Pratchett, Charles de Lint… 

I do hate it when I love an author’s early books and then as they write more and more I like them less and less.  (I’ll be mean and name a name- Mercedes Lackey.  I still love her earlier stuff, I just don’t enjoy the books she’s written in the past five or so years.  Sorry.)  Usually it’s after they make the switch to hardcover for some reason.  Is it because I’m cheap and don’t want to pay $30+ for a book?  No, I don’t think so, because that’s what the library is for, and I will buy a hardcover if I really like the author. 

I remember being worried when Smoke and Ashes came out in hardcover and I didn’t love it.  Tanya Huff has been my favorite author since I read The Fire’s Stone in 1990 and I do NOT want to start having a problem with her books!  :)    But then I loved Smoke and Mirrors  (I was reading it during lunch at work one day and ended up taking an extended break.  Oops!) so went back to Smoke and Ashes and liked it a lot more the second time I read it, and felt better.  Hmm.  The only other book of hers that I didn’t like was Long Hot Summoning.  (The first book in that trilogy – Summon the Keeper – has been on my favorite book list for about 8 years now.  I love books with staying power!)  ;)  Perhaps I should give it a second read now.  Valor’s Choice is another one that I don’t get tired of reading.  I was surprised by a military sci-fi book after her usual fantasy/urban fantasy books, but I adored it.  It still had the humour and wonderful characters that are in her other books, and it made me cry.  sniff! 

A list Tanya Huff’s books with descriptions is here.  I’m going to stop now or I’ll start gushing.  Well, I’ll also add that I’ve had two brief encounters with her and she was really nice both times.  And since I think I went embarassingly fangirlish on her when she visited the bookstore, I really appreciated that!  Arg.  I had actually just been planning on discreetly staring from my section and from behind poles, but the sci-fi girl ratted on me.  :)

Sad but unrelated story:  One day I was picking out a book from my shelf for the daily commute and had Bellwether in my hand.  But I had just read it a few months before and didn’t want to get tired of it so put it back.  (It’s also on my favorite book list, btw)  Then I went to the bookstore at lunch to browse around and Connie Willis was there signing her books!  It wasn’t for a reading – it was just a random visit.  I was kicking myself for not picking Bellwether after all.  I don’t know if I would have had the nerve to go up and ask her to autograph my copy though.  There may have just been more gentle stalking. 


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