Gatcha Gacha – continued

February 27, 2006 at 4:20 am 2 comments

What a difference reading a book makes!  I couldn’t figure out why my friend was happy about Gatcha Gacha coming out, since the blurb makes it sound like a fairly standard shojo book.  But I trusted her judgement enough to give the book a shot and I’m glad I did, because to be honest if I had seen this in the comic store on Wednesday I probably would have passed on it.  Tokyopop has the street date for this listed as March 7, but if it hasn’t already, it should show up in stores this Wednesday.  (The comic store I go to has been having problems getting stuff from Del Rey so I’m not sure if anything else has been shipping late)

I guess the blurb still works for the overall plot, but the characters… that’s what really sold this book for me.  Here they are:

Yuri:  A sweet, upbeat girl who loves to be in love and has a major bad boy complex.  Is dumped by her 13th boyfriend at the beginning of the story.  Because of her serial dating habits her classmates think she’s slutty and she gets hassled a lot by jealous girls.  Yuri seems resigned to this kind of treatment and doesn’t stand up for herself very often, but is willing to fight for the ones she loves.

Motoko:  The school’s “mysterious beauty” is revealed to be a violent, wrestling loving, kinda pervy girl by Yuri.  (Motoko likes to stare at the pretty girls)  As penance Yuri must become her #2 Lackey.  Slightly twisted, Motoko likes to manipulate people for her own amusement/benefit and she finds Yuri and Hirao to be easy targets.  She may have deeper motivations though – there are hints of a tragic/mysterious past.

Yabe:  The genial, bad boy slacker who’s only into fellow bad girls.  He’s kind of scruffy – sloppy hair, little stubbly chin beard thing – and not the typical pretty boy that’s the usual hero in romantic comedies.  I was getting Rei from Mars vibes from him. (Was it the moped?)  Yuri thinks he’s a nice guy under the bad boy veneer, though he doesn’t seem to believe it.  Yabe knew the truth about Motoko before everyone else did and has been trying to get her to go out with him, with no success.

Hirao:  Student Council President, in the kendo club.  Generally adored but considered a woman-hater.  He’s not, he just really sucks at talking to girls and has a talent for blurting out tactless thoughts that make them cry.  :)  Hirao’s slow to figure out why he stares at Yuri so much, but Motoko was quick to pick it up and start tormenting him.  He’s pictured with Yabe (sans glasses) on the cover of volume 2.

That’s as far as I want to go without giving away any more plot twists!  In one of the sidebars, the author says, “This manga is held together by the quirks of messed-up characters and the good will of our wonderful readers.”  heh.  It’s not quite that bad!  I had a lot of fun reading it.  Part of it was surprise that it was so twisted, and it was also  pretty funny in between the dramatic bits.  I laughed out loud a few times while reading.  I’m going to be a Yuri/Hirao ‘shipper, I think.  She needs a steady(er) guy and he likes her and I want him to get who he wants.  :)

It looks like this is a five volume series (Tokyopop lists five volumes, anyway).  I’m definately getting the rest!  The second volume won’t be out until June or July though.  :(


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  • 1. Puriena-Chan  |  November 11, 2008 at 10:53 am

    Hi there! I just wanted to say that I love Gacha Gatcha (anyone felt that the title’s a bit like Gacha Gacha^^?) I think Hirao-Kun is soo hot (I love mo-boys) Kagazuraka-Sanis soo scary I would hate to have her as a friend. Anyone else know that Yuri-Chan always uses honorfics at the end of Motoko’s name? And she has pink hair. I like dyed hair though^^(I’m blond-that’s natural- with a black streak-that’s not^^) From Puri-Chan. Hello to Nikorure! My bezzie forever. And Ri-Kun as well!

  • 2. selo  |  February 19, 2009 at 2:30 am

    i really love that comic….!!!!!
    Matoko Kagurazaka…!!!!!!i love her very very much!!!!!


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