Graphic novels @ the library – a follow up

February 24, 2006 at 2:23 pm Leave a comment

Forgot to mention that last Friday I sent an email in to the library’s “Ask a Librarian” service about my graphic novel question.  No, not finding manga, but weeding the Merrill Collection out of search results so I only get “borrowable” graphic novels.  Here’s the answer I got:

(From advanced search)

Enter subject keyword
Under the category of User define:
Arrow down to branch
The arrow down != (which means not equal)
Next space beside the above type in the code ME (stands for Merrill Collection).

It seems to work, although I think the first time I tried it I actually got a higher number of search results than the second (but that just may be my faulty memory).  Anyway, it knocks about 1000 graphic novels off the list and I’d rather search through 650+ titles than 1700+.  I’m not brave enough to actually *check* that it eliminates the right titles from the results.  :)

I haven’t gone through the list yet.  I may do that tonight, for my wild and crazy Friday night.  Do I know how to party, or what?

Edited to add: Hey! This is my 50th post!  I have a mini-landmark.  BTW, my Friday has been: shopping in dollar stores in Chinatown (where I found two elusive plastic need-to-be-hacked-apart-by-a-knife-to-get-your-$$-out piggy banks!), watching Orphen and rolling pennies!  Woot! 


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