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Television Without Pity has a recap up for Serenity.  Bless them.  It’s very analytical and poetic, all at the same time.  I want to watch Serenity again now, but I can’t.  Too much other stuff in the pile. 

Guess I’ll continue with Genshiken for now.

I started the series last night and remembered the first time I saw the first episode.  When we got the first dvd in at the store it had shaken loose in the case so I opened it up to make sure it wasn’t damaged.  I popped it into the player to check it out and had a wtf? moment since this whole other anime started playing.  Stopped the disc, pulled it out to check it and yes, it was in fact Genshiken.  I put it back in, go through the menu to make sure I hadn’t picked some sort of preview by mistake and the wrong thing starts playing again.  What a weird defect, I thought, and decided to see if it was a show I might like anyway.  Sooo, it goes through the opening credits, and a sweet little scene between a little boy and girl, and then pulls back to show Sasahara watching it on his tv.  D’oh!  I felt dumb for not recognizing the characters from the manga, but I guess in my defense I had only read the first volume by then.  :)  A couple of weeks ago I came across a plaintive little “I thought this was supposed to be Genshiken – why did I get this other show” message on a board and laughed…

I didn’t buy the fourth volume of Genshiken when it came out, figuring I’d read it first then buy it later.  I really like the series, but volume three seemed to be all about the characters embracing their various porn collections, which was funny, but I wanted a little more for the next book.  And hey – I got it!  Well, more or less anyway.  (It’s not like I expect anyone to change, after all…)  After having their club activities suspended the guys end up meeting at different members apartments, and it was pretty funny watching Saki pull out all the secret stashes they were trying to hide.  The Genshiken also gets a new president who decides to have the club participate in an actual event!  Plus?  More cosplay.  Of course.

I like reading manga about fans for some reason.  I really liked Maniac Road, and it’s another book that’s all about a crazy fan who’ll do anything for his obsessions.  Takezou helps three sisters transform their failing electronic store into an otaku paradise.  There wasn’t an overall plot arc, just Takezou sharing the love.  I liked that I read a three volume set of manga that had a lot to do with models of battleships, gaming, cosplay, etc – stuff I don’t know much about and don’t have that much interest in – and ended up loving it.  You could tell by reading it just how much the author loves his hobbies – it really came through.  Right now I’m reading Pretty Maniacs, which is about Takezou’s little sister (who works/lives in the shop after he leaves) and the manga club she’s in at school. 

I saw the movie Otakus In Love when I was out looking for Kamikaze Girls and decided I’d pick that one up next.  I know nothing about it – I just really like the title.


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