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February 21, 2006 at 4:13 am 4 comments

My mom is visiting.  It seems rather rude to spend any free time I have on the computer when I should be visiting her.  This, however, has been complicated by the fact that a) I’ve been sleeping a TON this week (which she’s cool with since she knows it’s been a while since I’ve been able to sleep properly) and b) when we went to my aunt’s for dinner on Sunday and I thought I was being a tired, rude wimp for lying down the whole time, I was really suffering from the beginning stages of the flu.  I discovered that after dinner, much to my dismay.  ‘Nuff said. 

She’s been having fun visiting with my aunts and other friends, though, and has discovered online slot machines.  She now gets to experience the joy of slot victory without the risk of losing any money.  Of course, my mother has unholy luck with the slots anyway.  She’ll go to a casino with a $2.00 roll of nickles and come home with $1500.  Last time she went she won $650 on the penny machines.  I get a high from managing to win $3.00 on a scratch ticket.  Her luck was not passed on to me, obviously.

So, my manga update for the past two weeks:

Absolute Boyfriend 1 – I am completely unspoiled for this series (and I’m probably really wrong) but I’m getting total Fatal Attraction vibes from the love android.  Really.  Night’s cute and all (another Tamahome clone) and funny with the whole “do you want to have sex now” thing, but the jealousy and the tendency to beat the tar out of other guys is a bit creepy.  I believe I’m going to firmly plant myself in the Soshi camp for the love angle.  It’s Yuu Watase, though.  Who knows what’ll happen. (The romantic resolution to Ceres was a bit of a wtf? for me.)  I loved finding out that the whole series was based on an image she had of a naked guy falling out of a box, though.  heh. 
Beauty is the Beast
Kamikaze Girls
Hikaru No Go 6
Midori No Hibi 4

The absolute lack of new stuff in February so far is working wonderfully with my “be good” plan for Feb and March.  It’s going to be a killer if all the Tokyopop stuff shows up on Wednesday, but I’ve been managing to stick to my no more than 5 manga a week resolution quite nicely.  In fact, last week I was only allowed to buy two and the only manga that came in that I needed was the Midori book.  I got to treat myself to the previously left behind Hikaru no Go.

I also got to lend Antique Bakery 1 and xxxHolic 1 to a dear, dear friend who is willing to occasionally borrow manga from me. (I LOVE lending manga to people!)  She wanted to read about the “gay of demonic charm” from Antique Bakery and I threw in the xxxHolic because I think she’ll really like it.  I *hope* she’ll really like it.  If nothing else, there’s a complete lack of screwed up school girls to provoke her concern.  Yuko’s perverse enough for her and also has excellent fashion sense.  :)  I was rereading volume six the other day (which made me cry the first two times I read it) and I was struck by how much the series had grown on me.  At first, Tsubasa was edging it out for popularity (did you know there was a contest?) mostly because I love Sakura and Sayoran, and Fai is such a wonderful character… but somehow it’s turning out to be more of an adventure story while xxxHolic is beginning to push my emotional buttons.  It’s Watanuki, I think.  At first he seemed to me to be a bit annoying, since he’s the overly emotional, yelling at everyone type character that isn’t usually my favorite.  Yuko was fantastic from the beginning, of course.  :)  As the series went on though (and especially with volume six) Watanuki has proven to be a lot deeper and kinder than he seemed at first.  Well, to me, anyway.  And the art… oi.  I love the art.  The long, loose limbs, the clothes, the expressive faces…

Saturday I had my annual evaluation at the bookstore, and I got lovely “they really like me!” vibes, but when the manager I had the meeting with was asking me if I agreed with everything I was torn between “yes, of course I’m wonderful” and “shouldn’t there be something negative on here??”  I compromised by agreeing with the evaluation and then added that I needed to work on being more patient with some of my co-workers.  :)  I also asked him why we weren’t getting any of the new DMP manga in (since I gave him a whole list of upcoming titles back in August) and spent the next hour making a list of anime and manga I wanted for the store.  He ordered all the stuff that he could, and he’ll probably check on the rest.  That’s so awesome.  We’ve built up a really good manga section at the store and I like that I can let them know about titles we don’t have or more alternative stuff and they’ll work on getting them in.

I was surfing around earlier and went to visit Tony Daniel’s blog.  He’s the artist for Teen Titans and may I say that he draws a beautiful Robin?  As a Robin fangirl I get lovely little flutters when I see my favorite character done so well.  And since Robin was one of the early reveals for a OYL Titan he’s been able to put a lot of pencils of the Boy Wonder online. 

I guess I’m going to have to get my butt in gear to figure out what’s going to be going on with the OYL titles from DC.  (Like, am I going to care about the Titans East??)  Also, in a fit of optimism, I’m going to add the new Robin to my pull list at the comic store next time I go in since they’re changing the creative team.  Lately I’ve only been getting a real Robin fix from the Teen Titans (Gotham Central also had a fantastic “Dead Robin” storyline) and have been skipping his regular title.  Sniff!  I had an unbroken run of issues until a certain writer arrived and decided he didn’t need to be consistent with characterization anymore…

I’m sorry, but Tim’s whole thing is that he’s smart.  It’s been mentioned more than once that he’s a great detective and could actually be better than Batman someday and I’m expected to swallow some absolutely BONEHEADED moves…  I didn’t mind that his dad found out that he was Robin, or that Spoiler somehow became the new Robin (I still don’t know exactly how that happened).  It was never the “what” but the “how.”  I stopped reading after the issue where Jack Drake found a diary Tim hid in his closet that apparently not only said, “Hi, I’m Robin!  And Bruce Wayne is Batman!” but also gave detailed instructions for getting into the Batcave so that Jack could break in and menace Batman with a gun.  There were so many other ways to handle that situation it’s not even funny.  I even picked up the graphic novel in a comic store one day figuring that I’d just read it there to find out what happened next and I couldn’t even read it for free.  I’ve picked up an issue here and there since then and I think I only “liked” two of them.  And could any more critical emotional events or plot developments happen off panel??  I have so many unresolved questions…  Gah.  I’m going to stop.  No one needs to hear my Robin rant.  I’ll head to the store on March 22nd and hope for the best.

Sorry for the rambling and the randomness (and all the freakin’ brackets).  I think my flu headache is coming back.  I guess it’s back to bed for me, now…


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  • 1. tangognat  |  February 21, 2006 at 8:46 am

    I hope you feel better soon! I’ve only read a few pages of Absolute Boyfriend in Shojo Beat, so I’m looking forward to reading the whole first volume.

  • 2. cathy  |  February 21, 2006 at 10:30 pm

    Ha, thanks! I’m feeling much much better now. :) I read the first four Shojo Beat ‘zines when they first came out and realized that I’d rather wait for the graphic novels. I’m glad they’re finally coming out. Absolute Boyfriend looks like it’s going to be fun – hopefully more like Imadoki than Alice 19th, to use a couple of recent examples.

  • 3. rachel  |  February 22, 2006 at 7:00 pm

    okay, okay there is NO ONE that you are not patient with! You are the greatest employee at the Bookstore ever!

    Just finished the new Martha Grimes. Will pass it your way as soon as I am back from Halifax.

    I cannot resist telling you that one of the two leads dyes their hair! I know that is a spoiler, but not of the plot! You will laugh, you will cry!

  • 4. cathy  |  February 22, 2006 at 10:00 pm

    Hey! Hope you’re having fun in Halifax! My visits there are mostly about family – I don’t get to see the sites. (Did you know I was born in Halifax? I’m a hard core Ontario girl now.) Went to Peggy’s Cove once, though. It was too foggy and I couldn’t see the ocean, like, five feet away. Very creepy.

    ha! You need to see me my first half hour at work when I have to tidy the mess that just keeps coming back… or when I have to shelf read… or about my audio book boycott…

    I’m guessing Melrose is the one to dye his hair? :)


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