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Not Yet Published update:  I’ve finally (re)updated my coming soon page.  I remembered to save as I went along this time.  heh.  Apologies if something is on there more than once, but there’s a lot of conflicting information out there and I was starting to lose track of what I put where.  If there’s an author link for a novel it means I got the release date directly from their page (with one or two exceptions who have links to The Internet Speculative Fiction Database).   Not many dvd’s on the list.  I’m just not looking forward to anything yet.  

Manga update:  I forgot to post this last week!  I got Eyeshield 21 #6, Tsubasa #8, Loveless #1 (Amazon had put the dvd on my recommended list that morning so seeing the manga the same day seemed like fate.  I had to buy it), Broken Angels #1 and Bleach #11.  Special thanks to my sister-in-law who didn’t get the “being good” part of me not getting Bleach, and felt sorry for me for putting my favorite manga back.  I was only allowed to buy three (Tsubasa was from the night before) and had decided on the two new ones.  She bought it for me, which I’m very grateful for.  Broken Angels was a disappointment (but at least it was on sale), and Bleach finally got past the anime I’ve seen.  yay!  No more Bleach anime until AFTER I’ve read the manga!

I was checking for a release date for volume 2 of Earthian (I read the first one last month and quite enjoyed it) and discovered that Yun Kouga also wrote Loveless (my favorite book from last weeks haul).  The art’s evolved so much I didn’t realize it was by the same person. 

I’ve been getting several hits a day for the past couple of weeks from people looking for the release date for Absolute Boyfriend.  Guess it’s pretty hot right now.  Hopefully it hits the stores this week as scheduled (although I heard it was already available via the publisher, damn it).  I’ve probably read most if not all of the first volume already since I have the early issues of Shojo Beat.  I know I didn’t buy the first volume of Nana because I had already read it.  I’ll probably get Absolute Boyfriend right away though.  Hopefully not too much else comes out at the same time.  I’m only allowing myself five manga per week for February and March.  (sob sob)

Too too creepy.  Real people turned into manga characters with Photoshop.  (via boing boing)

Crochet class update:  I was feeling pretty clumsy in class at first, but then decided to give myself a break for not being an expert after a whole two hours of learning and practice.  I seem to have the same really-tight-tension thing happening in crochet that I do when knitting.  It’s a lot harder to crochet if your tension is too tight!  I actually had to trade up to a bigger needle.  The shame!  lol.  I’m much better at it now, but think I need to get a book of stitches (with real pictures, not drawings) before my memory completely fades.  We learned the single stitch (most everyone already knew how to make a chain), double, triple (or treble) and box stitch.  I’m basically just making a long sampler so I can practice rows of different stitches.  The colour I picked ended up being a lot more…purple… than it looked in the bin. Not a colour to wear!  It might be good as part of an afghan though.  Next week I think we’re learning how to make flowers and granny squares.  My friend that I went with was totally kicking crochet ass.  It was great!

Gratuitous crochet links:
What Not to Crochet
How to Crochet 
Creepy Crochet (via boing boing)


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