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January 30, 2006 at 12:18 am 2 comments

Well, I’ve obviously been ignoring my poor little blog for the past week!  Between obsessing over season two of Battlestar Galactica, catching up on the new episodes of my shows (wow, all four of them) and not wanting to post anything while I was in a grumpy mood (thanks, TTC!) I haven’t been much in the mood to write.  There were a couple of topics I was going to write about, but they would have been long posts and I never seemed to set aside enough time for them.  Obviously writing them in pieces would have worked, but that’s entirely too logical for me.

I’ve also been doing some surfing in the best bright shiny object tradition.  Since I’ve been varying my surfing in the past week I also realized I need to get anal about organizing my bookmarks, which is kind of sad, yet also satisfying.  It’s funny – at work my bookmark folders have names like Medical Associations, Bookstores, Ready Reference and Supplies and at home they’re all Manga, Comics, Anime, Online Cartoons… heh.  My links on the right seem to be official type sites for the most part, though I’m not sure how that happened.  No library stuff, but only because the library blogs I read are all subscribed to via my Bloglines account.  Also, since they’re about library stuff I can read them at work and it’s like professional development.  :P 

So, for no reason what-so-ever, here are some of the topics from my Google toolbar that I searched for over the past week:

Chococat – despite what they say on the website, I don’t think there’s much point to Chococat.  It’s not based on a tv show or anything else as far as I can tell.  He’s just a vaguely stunned looking cat they put on stuff to sell it.  And that completely works for me.  I’m such a Chococat ho, it’s amazing.  I fortunately do retain some sense when presented with Chococat merch.  I haven’t bought the shower curtain yet, even though I really really want it.  I realize that since I don’t actually have a shower requiring a curtain it would be a waste of money.  It’s really cute though… I haven’t gone trolling for new Chococat stuff lately, which is kind of sad.  (Read his review of Josie and the Pussycats here)

Smallville spoilers – via KryptonSite.  Someone was going to die on Smallville and I wanted to find out who without actually having to watch the episode.  It ended up NOT being Lana, so I don’t have to worry about watching Smallville anymore after all.  I liked season one, meh’d my way through season two, didn’t watch most of season three then found out later it kicked ass and wasn’t able to catch up on all the eps I missed, started on season four because I thought I’d learned a valuable lesson, which turned out to be that season four sucked too.  I haven’t even bothered this year.  I’m sticking with Veronica Mars and Supernatural, thanks.

“Dakota Fanning” and Coraline – this is when I found out that Coraline was going to be an animated movie.  I don’t know why I didn’t know that before, or why it didn’t occur to me.  I mean, buttons for eyes would be hard to do in a live action flick.  Though after watching Mirrormask I could see how they might do it.

Spacecast Toronto – it’s really just Space, but the URL is spacecast which explains my constant confusion.  Last Sunday I actually turned on the tv every hour to see if Battlestar Galactica was coming on and realized to my horror that I missed over half the episode when I checked at 6:40 almost at random.  I was sure it couldn’t have been on that early.  It didn’t even occur to me to check online to see when it was airing, despite having looked the show up before.  Even linking to it in an earlier blog post.  Way to go, Cathy!

Bones tv show – to see what I’ve caught and what I’ve missed.  They’ve actually aired more episodes than I thought they had, and I was surprised to find out that I’ve seen most of them already.  Oddly, there were two episodes that I blurred together in my head and thought were the same one.  I’m still mostly boycotting Fox over the whole Firefly thing (you bastards!) so while I wanted to watch Bones, I also have no plans to get attached.  Fox will just take it away from me then.  Yes, it’s all about me.

Cup o’ Noodles – which I guess are just Cup Noodles now.  That’s sad.  The o’ was really fun to say.  I was actually kind of hoping for some sort of store locator here, since I haven’t seen them in a grocery store in years.  They’re out there somewhere, just apparently nowhere I shop.  And of all the ramen noodles available, they kick ass the most.  Some of the flavours they have now seem kind of wrong tho.  I like the shrimp kind, but I have to pick out the little dried shrimps.  (they make tasty cat treats, btw)  Also, it seems you can buy Cup [o’] Noodles in the gourmet food section of Amazon.  Weird.  Sad but true: in the Spiderman movie, I got a little thrill when he swung by the Cup o’ Noodles ad.

Tomorrow I’m going to read this and regret posting when I’m overtired.  heh.

Public Service Announcement:  If you feel the need to go see Underworld: Evolution, be sure to rewatch the first movie beforehand since movie 2 takes place about five minutes after Underworld ends.  You might be slightly less confused while watching.  Also, be prepared for excessive cheese and the longest slow motion sex scene I’ve ever seen in a movie.  


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Just a wee update Isn’t that like, really bad karma?

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  • 1. Amy  |  January 30, 2006 at 7:11 am

    I think its safe to say that ramen has killed the cup o noodles. Ramen kicks ass….im addicted to it on a cold wet day. Cool to hear about Coraline, when does mirrormask make it to dvd? Im an glad to hear about GTOF out in March, will try to get it somehow, amazon japan is usually very good with the latest releases. Did you get my managa package yet? Im dying to hear about HG 12 and what you think! Im very behind in Fruits Basket, and it is so good! I must say that Fruits Basket it not popular here at all, its considered far too old, its all about one piece at the moment, and anything to do with vampires.

  • 2. pajcat  |  January 30, 2006 at 11:00 am

    One Piece? Really? That’s kind of odd. I was in Wal-Mart last week and they actually had a line of One Piece toys. I thought it was weird but I guess I’m underestimating it’s popularity!

    Mirrormask is coming out on Valentine’s Day! It was so good… I ended up giving away the promo copy I got from work since I’ll be getting the dvd anyway. If you can’t get GoF let me know – I’ll send it to you! I’m actually going to see it again with my sis-in-law later today… :)

    No manga package yet. :( I’m looking forward to HG 12 and the other new one. I think I have a site with translations somewhere. I can totally geek out online with it!

    I was on the bus a few weeks ago and this girl got on and she was eating cup o’ noodles. I was jealous but refrained from asking where she got it. ‘Cause I would hope I’m not that much of a loser. Of course, I *was* jealous of her soup so what does that say?? lol.

    Today it rained all day in TO. It’s weird ’cause I always think you’re in a warmer place right now and then it freakin’ RAINS in Ontario in January. sheesh! Hope it’s warmer for you now too.


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