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January 26, 2006 at 11:20 am Leave a comment

I was sad yesterday – I spent a bunch of time updating my coming soon page and Word Press ate my changes.  Or my internet connection did.  Either way, I guess I should have been saving as I went along.  Oh well.  I was too tired to try to fix it then so went to veg in front of Lost instead.  But it was boring so I ended up switching between it and Bones.  I really should have picked Bones, but I felt obliged to watch Lost so ended up being confused about both of them.  At least David Boreanaz looked good.  Very relaxed and happy, which is so not how I was used to seeing him on Angel. 

Yesterday was also manga day!  I went at lunch and picked up Tramps Like Us 8 and Crossroad 2. Then I went back after work and got Tenshi Na Jai 2, Sequence (which is a standalone), Saiyuki 9 and Saiyuki Reload 1.  I have to go back on Friday for Kizuna, Pretty Maniacs and…. something else…

That’s it until I have more time and my brain reboots.

Update: I got Pretty Maniacs 2, Kizuna 5 and Oh My Goddess 21.  Also went and picked up my comics, which is twice in one month.  Wow!  And double wow!  The new issue of Robin didn’t completely suck! 


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