Pretty pretty Aquaman

January 17, 2006 at 12:50 am Leave a comment

Apparently there’s already a website devoted to the new WB pilot of Aquaman (although I understand that probably won’t be the title of the show).  They have a quote that I read earlier tonight in Entertainment Weekly:

Toale … will play twentysomething Florida dive shop owner A.C. (that’s Arthur Curry for the Aquaman-lore impaired.)

Um, not to be negative about the show before it starts or anything, but A.C.??  Dive shop owner??  Isn’t he the King of Atlantis?  Is this some sort of clever ruse to help him learn about the surface dwellers? 

Actually the first thing I thought of when I read this was a scene in the last incarnation of the Teen Titans where Arsenal was trying to convince the original team to come back.  They were all arguing about how they’d get the funding for a new Tower and finally Tempest just gets up, walks out and then returns with a huge chest of sunken treasure.  heh.  Aquaman totally wouldn’t have to get a day job.

Eh, I’ll watch it if it makes it onto tv.  I mock, but I know little enough about Aquaman that they could do almost anything and I won’t get all freakishly fangirly about it. 

They should have made it a bait shop, tho…

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