Weekly manga roundup

January 16, 2006 at 12:56 am 2 comments

I waited until the end of the week for this one since I kind of spread my buying out over a few days.  Here are my new additions:

Doubt!! 6 (series is now complete)
The Wallflower 6
Fake 7 (also the last of the series)
Here is Greenwood 8
Ultra Cute 1
Descendents of Darkness 9
Dazzle 1
Sengoku Nights 1

The last two were recommended by my comic store friend as the ones she liked the most of the latest batch of new releases.  I had forgotten that I was planning on picking up Sengoku Nights so I was glad of the reminder.  I haven’t read it yet, and I’ve only read the first part of Dazzle so I can’t comment on either yet. 

Ultra Cute: I picked this up since I read a preview of it on the Tokyopop site (marking one of the very few times I’ve actually clicked to go to the website from their “newsletter”) and thought it looked… well, cute!  A brief breakdown of the plot is that Ami and Noa have been romantic rivals for years – they usually both fall for the same guy then scare him away with their crazy competitiveness.  The cycle is broken when they crash a karaoke party and end up (for once!) falling for different guys.  Unfortunately Ami finds out that the guys are both jerks who are just playing with the girls and vows “revenge” while trying to protect Noa from her new boyfriend. It was pretty entertaining.  The only real problem I had with the book was Ami’s “This guy’s so mean! He’s such a jerk!  But I still really love him!”  attitude.  Oi.  I almost got a headache from how hard my eyes rolled…   Of course the two guys aren’t quite as shallow as they seem, so I’ll keep reading to find out what their deal is and what happens next.  Toss me a hint of a tragic past and I’ll wait to find out what it is, lol.

Here is Greenwood: I was really thrown by the last volume and the introduction of waaayyyy too many new characters.  All the seniors left and a whole new batch of identical looking freshmen arrived to take their place.  Well, the exchange student stands out, but that’s it.  This volume has another sports festival and Kazuya is finally persuaded to join the track team.  He has an ulterior motive though – will it work?  This volume also includes two “alternate universe” type stories.

Doubt!! – This is a series I stuck with because I knew it would be short.  I’ve heard a lot of people say it’s a shallow series, and it is, but I was okay with that since the characters seemed to actually know that they were shallow.  Ai’s goals were to be pretty and get a handsome boyfriend.  That was pretty much the focus of the series with the addition of a new ex-girlfriend of So’s showing up every once in a while to make Ai feel inferior and to renew her determination to keep So.  Honestly?  I kept waiting for her to hook up with Yuichiro.  I wanted her to!  The nice best friend never gets the girl… That said, the last volume seemed a bit different than the rest, and Ai finally started to stand up for herself (I was going to say that she gained some depth as well, but honestly, she still had to be pushed into things right up until the end).  Even So seemed like less of a jerk by the end of the series.  lol.  So yes, I found it shallow but entertaining.

I’m sure there’s a manga series out there where the heroine throws over the gorgeous yet troubled guy in favour of the devoted but only cute best friend, but I haven’t come across any yet…


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  • 1. Amy  |  January 26, 2006 at 6:15 am

    Ok, about Doubt!, you may think it is shallow….well wait to you meet the REAL LIVE japanese equivalanets, i used to think it was a joke, until I went to spend a day at a high school here. SCARY! There were MANY a girl who would spend literally hours in front of the mirror and whose stated goal it was to get a boyfriend (preferably older and one who could afford a Louis Vuitton bag). I wish i could say i was kidding, but im not.

  • 2. cathy  |  January 26, 2006 at 4:17 pm

    Shallow, but honest. I spent time sharing a bus shelter with some girls around Christmas time. Northern Ontario, -10 weather, waiting for a bus, and neither one was wearing a jacket. I spent the whole time feeling old because I kept thinking things like “are you NUTS??” and “do your parents know you left the house like that?” and “of course you’re cold you dummy, you have no jacket on!” But they did it to look good so nothing else mattered… I will cop to being self-absorbed when I was a teenager, but there was no way I was going out in the winter without a jacket on! No hat though. Hats weren’t cool.


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