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January 12, 2006 at 11:45 pm Leave a comment

Since I finally got around to setting up my printer the other day, I’ve been working on accomplishing one of my “when I finally get my own computer” goals.   Waaaayyyyy back in the summer I bought some transfer/iron-on printer paper so I could make my own anime t-shirts.  After combing a couple of conventions and a lot of comic shops for cool shirts, I only found ones that were either a) shapeless and/or too big or b) made out of stretchy spandex that were way too small.  And of course, shopping online for one wasn’t an option.  (I’m always dubious about buying clothes sight unseen anyway)  Plus, I wasn’t overly enamoured of any of the graphics on them so I decided it would be neat to try to make my own.

I decided that my first attempt will be a Fruits Basket shirt.  Of course, then I had to figure out if I wanted a big group shot, one of the main trio, Kyo alone… I went with just Kyo, because I’m a Kyo freak.  (I can’t help it, he’s just so pissed off and vulnerable.)  The printing went semi-well (I misjudged the size of one of the pictures I’m using and it overlapped part of another, darnit!  wasted a whole sheet, grumble grumble) so the next step will be the ironing on part.  I’m hoping it goes well since I basically suck at ironing.  I’d hate to ruin a perfectly good t-shirt.  Ah well.  I suppose a badly made Kyo shirt will still be good enough to use as a pj top so it won’t be a total waste.  I want something I can wear in public though.

I have four sheets left, so if this works out I’m going to try for Invader Zim (yeah, not anime but Gaz ROCKS!), Bleach and maybe an Ouran High School Host Club shirt if I can find a good enough picture.  Not sure about the last one.  I can always go out and buy another pack of the paper if I want to make more, but how much of a geek do I really want to be anyway??


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