Scary monsters, hot guys

January 9, 2006 at 8:55 pm Leave a comment

I heard Supernatural was going to be new this week, so I went to the WB’s site to check it out.  May I say that the Supernatural site is weird and confusing?  Just give me an episode schedule and some nice Jensen Ackles pictures, please…

Ah.  Apparently the trick is to NOT click on the television link in the main window, but the WB link below the ad.  That takes you to a different WB television page with useful site links.  Here’s the other Supernatural page.  It has an episode schedule and some nice Jensen Ackles pictures.  lol.  Don’t read the episode summary for the new episode, though.  It’s just one big spoiler.  Jeez.  That’s the last time I check out the episode page before watching.  grump grump grump.

Update: There’s a new recap up at Television Without Pity for the Phantom Traveler episode of Supernatural.  yay!

New Update:  Arg.  Creepy scary scarecrow.  And Cancer Man from the X-Files!  You can so tell that Supernatural is filmed in Vancouver.


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