Final Fantasy VII: Advent Children

January 7, 2006 at 9:35 pm Leave a comment

I just finished watching this movie, and Wow!  It’s so good!  I can only imagine how much more I would have liked it if I had known any of the background of the characters or back story.  I would have gotten that “yay! it’s so-and-so” rush whenever a new person joined the fray.  No, I’ve never played any Final Fantasy games before.  I’m used to being vaguely confused when watching some Japanese movies, though, so I just figured out what I could and put the rest away to think about/look up later.  lol. 

There was one scene where Cloud was battling some baddies and out of nowhere this red swirl shows up and I was thinking “what?  was Cloud injured?  is that some sort of blood weapon?” but it turned out to be a guy named Vincent.  Who looked pretty cool even if I had no clue who he was.  :) 

Plot confusion aside, the animation was amazing and the fight scenes were terrific.  I went to Amazon after watching it hoping a reviewer would have explained some background (it was mostly people bitching about the release dates being pushed back) and some guy was complaining about the Matrix-like abilities of the characters.  To that I say, dude, really.  You’re watching a computer animated movie based on a video game.  Why on earth do the laws of physics have to apply here?  Why would you want them to??  Martial arts and sword fights are always more exciting when they can go vertical.  heh heh.


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Sometimes I’d rather not know things… I really can’t be what you’re looking for…

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