Sometimes I’d rather not know things…

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Last year I decided I was going to keep track of all the books and manga that I read.  A lot of other people were doing it, it seemed like an interesting exercise and I’m a library person and we like keeping stats on things.  I managed for two months, freaked myself out and stopped.  Yeah, I know I’m weird sometimes.  It was the first time I’d ever put down on paper just how much manga I was buying, how I was reading fewer “real” books and it was the beginning of a whole year of picking out bad books.  December 2004?  I read some good books.  January 2005?  Not so much. 

So, for the record, here’s what I kept track of last year:

January:  read 43 graphic novels (28 bought, 8 borrowed, 7 reread), 11 novels.
February: read 38 graphic novels (21 bought, 9 borrowed, 8 reread), 7 novels.

See? Nobody needs to know that they spend that much on manga in a single month.  My Mom?  Never ever needs to know that I spend that much on manga in a single month.  Really.  Plus, I went from reading what?  Say 16-20 novels a month to 7.   I found that kind of sad.  I have less buying guilt now, tho.  That is what job #2 is for after all.  Guilt-free manga money.  Plus, the very nice bookstore discount.

Since I’m writing all of my manga purchases here anyway, I might as well try again this year.  I’m also going to try to read more manga from the bookstore and library that I wouldn’t otherwise buy.  Just ’cause I don’t want to pay for something doesn’t mean I might not like it enough to read it.  Hopefully that’ll expand my horizons a bit too.  I’m thinking perhaps some Battle Angel… 

That said, here’s my new stuff.  There weren’t a lot of new gn’s that came in (and I bought Tokyo Boys and Girls last night at the bookstore) so I got a couple of the books that I left behind in December.

Midori Days #3
Ouran High School Host Club #4 (which I read at lunch, of course!  The last third was a short story called Love Egoist that had the twin girls from volume 2 as guest stars.  A bit disappointing that I didn’t get a whole book of the Host Club guys, but the story was pretty good.  And the Host Club part?  Hunny is eeeevil!)
Shinobu Kokoro (Yes, another yaoi book.  This one is about ninjas which is why I bought it.  When I first heard about this book I found that really amusing for some reason.)
W Juliet #8 (Every time I buy a volume of W Juliet, I think “okay I’m not buying anymore.”  And then I do.  Is it habit?  Do I like it more than I think I do?  No clue.)

Okay, off to create a new tracking page then I’m going to read some of my new books.  Last night I opted for the “new” Jennifer Crusie book instead of manga and ended up staying up until I finished the whole thing.  Bad bad bad.


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